The life cycle of dust

Principal contact: A. Zijlstra (

Organisers: M. Barlow (UCL, UK), T. Henning (MPIA, Heidelberg, Germany), I. Lyon (Manchester, UK), A. Zijlstra (Manchester, UK), H. Kruger (Max-Planck Inst., Ketlenburg-Lindau, Germany), J. Duprat (CSNSM, Orsay, France), P. Hoppe (Max-Planck Inst., Mainz, Germany)

Dust plays an important role in the evolution of the Universe. It is formed from the winds and ejecta of stars and supernovae and has been a major component of the interstellar medium from the very earliest galaxies, through the evolution of the proto-solar nebula to the present day galactic environment. Interplanetary, interstellar and extragalactic dust are traditionally studied by different disciplines using very different tools, ranging from laboratory analyses of extra-terrestrial samples, space craft collection/in-situ analysis, astronomical spectroscopy to sub-mm photometry and theoretical modelling. There is usually little overlap between knowledge gained by the different disciplines and this symposium will focus on dust in all of its guises: interplanetary, circumstellar, interstellar, intra-galactic and early-Universe dust. The goal is to link the different disciplines in order to cross-fertilize areas and build new understanding of the life cycle of dust. Symposium themes will include: dust origins and evolution; dust and galaxy evolution; dust compositions: silicates, carbon/organics, isotopic content; Solar System dust; circumstellar and interstellar dust; and dust in the early Universe.

Keynote review talks will be given by Xander Tielens, on dust formation, and Ernst Zinner, on the laboratory analysis of interstellar grains. Contributions to the symposium in the form of talks and/or posters are invited on any area of research that can illuminate the Life Cycle of Dust.

Scientific Programme

Tuesday 21st April  
16:00 The Technology of Laboratory Astrophysics Ian Lyon
16:15 In-Situ Measurements of Interstellar Dust in the Solar System Harald Krueger
16:30 Extreme Deuterium- Rich Organic Matter Revealed by Antarctic Ultra-Carbonaceous Micrometeorites from CONCORDIA Collection Jean Duprat
16:45 Ultra- Primitive Interplanetary Dust Particles from the Comet 26P/Grigg- Skjellerup Dust Stream Collection Henner Busemann
17:00 The Fine Detail of Comet Wild 2: TEM And Synchrotron Characterisation John Bridges
17:10 First Detections of Interstellar Ethyl Formate and NPropyl Cyanide: Dust-Grain Chemistry Strikes Again Robin Garrod
17:20 PAHs as carriers of DIBs and AIBs Peter Sarre
Wednesday 22nd April  
11:00 The Cosmic Journey of Dust (Keynote) Xander Tielens
11:45 Observational constraints on dust production Jacco van Loon
12:00 Cassini CAPS-ELS Observations of Enceladus's Plume Geraint Jones
12:10 Trajectories of Charged Icy Dust Grains in the Plume of Enceladus: Modelling and Cassini CAPS Observations Chris Arridge
12:20 Experimental and Theoretical Research on the Dust Cloud around Europa and its Application to the Design of a New Hybrid Dust Detector for an Orbiter Katarina Miljkovic
Wednesday 22nd April  
14:00 Stardust in the Laboratory (Keynote) Ernst Zinner
14:45 Crystallization of Silicates in Stellar Winds Ciska Kemper
15:00 Looking Inside Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains Torsten Henkel
15:10 TOFSIMS Analysis of Gently Separated Presolar Graphite Ashley King
15:20 Investigating Presolar Silicate and Oxide Grains in Primitive Solar System Materials: A NanoSIMS Study Jan Leitner
Wednesday 22nd April  
16:00 IR Spectroscopy of Dust: a View from the Laboratory Bench Monica Grady
16:20 Origin of Dust and Gas in the Local Group Galaxies Mikako Matsuura
16:30 Molecules and Dust in the Early Universe: the Supernova Connection Isabelle Cherchneff
16:40 Galaxy Zoo: Inclination Dependent Dust Attenuation in Visually Classified Spirals Karen Masters
16:50 The Dust Shell around SN2008S Roger Wesson
17:00 Dusty Discs around Evolved Stellar Objects Claire Lykou
17:10 Debris Discs Around the Oldest Stars in the Galaxy Christopher Sheehan
17:20 Dust from AGB Stars and its Survival in the ISM Svitlana Zhukovska
Thursday 23rd April  
11:00 An Update on SCUBA-2 Wayne Holland
11:15 Studying large-Scale Galactic Star Formation using the Sub-mm Toby Moore
11:30 Observational Constraints on Interstellar Grain Alignment B-G Andersson
11:40 Cassiopeia A: Dust Factory Revealed via Submillimeter Polarimetry Loretta Dunne
11:50 The Role of Supernovae in the Interstellar Dust Budget Haley Gomez
12:00 Anomalous Radio Emissivity of Dust Richard Davis
12:10 Spitzer Analysis of the Perseus Cloud: Constraining the Anomalous Microwave Emission Christopher Tibbs
12:20 Dust Input from AGB Stars in Local Group Galaxies Eric Lagadec
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