Poster Competition

There will be a student poster competition at the European Week of Astronomy & Space Science run under the auspices of the RAS Higher Education Committee. To aid the judging, the lead author for each poster should attend their poster on Tuesday and Wednesday from 13:00 to 14:00 (the last hour of lunch break). All posters submitted by delegates identifying themselves as students at registration will be considered. The poster prizes will be presented in the Thursday afternoon RAS session.


Overall best poster receives an iPod in addition to the first prize for their area.


  • 1st Prize: £200 + One year subscription to Nature
  • 2nd Prize: £100
  • 3rd: £50


  • 1st Prize: £200 + One year subscription to Nature
  • 2nd Prize: £100


The first author of the poster must be a post-graduate student based at a UK or Irish university or institute, and who is attending the meeting. The poster subject can be in any area relating to any session at the Meeting including UKSP and MIST sessions, or (at the discretion of the judges) any other area of astronomy and space science.


The poster should contain a title, authors' names and affiliations, a top summary or abstract, body text, illustration(s) with captions, conclusions and/or future work and references if appropriate.


The poster should be striking but not cluttered, have a good balance between text and illustrations, and there should be a clear path for the reader to follow through the information.


The text should not be swamped by an over-complex background and the text size and line length should be comfortable for ease of reading.

Poster production

Posters can be of sizes up to A0 portrait (width: 841 mm, height: 1189 mm) or A1 landscape (width: 841 mm, height 594 mm).


The standard of posters was very high making the task of the judges ever more difficult. However, the judges have made the following selection:

Although prizes are awarded separately for Astronomy and for UKSP/MIST, we do select an overall winner who then receives an additional prize.


First prize and overall winner, receiving £200, a one year subscription to Nature and an iPod (kindly donated by Apple) is:

Fraser Wastson from the University of Glasgow, for a poster entitled "Modelling the Longitudinal Asymmetry in Sunspot Emergence - the Role of the Wilson Depression"

Second prize of £100 is awarded to:

Daniel Whiter from the University of Southampton, for a poster entitled "Small-scale Structures in Flickering Aurora"


First prize of £200 and a one year subscription to Nature is awarded to:

Cristobal Espinoza from the University of Manchester, for a poster entitled "The Origin of Magnetars and the Spin Evolution of Radio Pulsars"

Second prize of £100 is awarded to:

Roberto Raddi from the University of Hertfordshire, for a poster entitled "Young Stars in the Direction of the Perseus Arm"

Third prize (reflecting the larger community) of £50 is awarded to:

David Kipping from University College London, for a poster entitled "The Search for Transient Exomoons through Transient Timing"

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