Outflows, feedback and the central engines of active galactic nuclei

Principal contact: J. Reeves (jnr@astro.keele.ac.uk )

Organisers: P. O'Brien (Leicester, UK), J. Reeves (Keele, UK), C. Tadhunter (Sheffield, UK), M. Ward (Durham, UK)

The subject of AGN outflows has assumed increased importance and has generated a high level of interest over the past few years. Outflows range from powerful radio jets, to relativistic accretion disk winds and low velocity parsec scale dusty outflows. The outflows provide a link between the AGN central engine, its host galaxy and the surrounding intergalactic medium and can provide a crucial feedback mechanism between nuclear activity and large-scale star formation. Such a feedback process must have been important during galaxy growth in the early Universe.

This session will combine both theory and observations of AGN outflows, with the aim to move towards a self-consistent picture of this phenomenon. This includes an understanding of how outflows are launched, why some AGN appear to have powerful winds whilst others do not and ultimately how the winds interact with the AGN host galaxy. We suggest that the topic of these sessions will be of interest to the wider AGN research community, as well as those working on galaxy evolution. Other topics relating to the fundamental properties of central engines of AGN, e.g. emission mechanisms, variability, AGN unification, will also be welcomed in this session.

Scientific Programme

Monday 20th April Outflows and Feedback I
11:00 AGN Feedback Andrew King
11:30 Modelling X-Ray Spectra for AGN Outflows Stuart Sim
11:45 Hunting Ghosts: Observational Evidence for Radiatively Driven Outflows in Quasars Chris Cottis
12:00 Radio Constraints on the Volume Filling Factors of AGN Winds Alexander Blustin
12:15 Outflows and Non-Circular Motions in Nearby AGN Observed with Integral- Field Spectrograph OASIS Ivana Stoklasova
Monday 20th April Outflows and Feedback II
14:00 X-Ray Spectra of AGN: Obscuring Material and Winds Lance Miller
14:20 AGN-Induced Feedback in Young, Radio-Loud AGN Joanna Holt
14:40 Giant outflows in powerful radio galaxies: evidence for AGN feedback in high-z galaxies -- and beyond Nicole Nesvadba
15:00 A Multi-Wavelength View of Accretion Modes in Radio-Loud AGN Martin Hardcastle
15:15 Feedback in the AGN Population of the Extended Groth Strip Jose-Miguel Rodriguez-Espinosa
Monday 20th April AGN Unification and Surveys
16:30 SUZAKU Observations of Bright Compton-Thin Seyfert 2 Galaxies Valentina Braito
16:45 The Seyfert AGN RX J0136.9- 3510 and the Spectral State of Super Eddington Accretion Flows Chichuan Jin
17:00 A Sample of Radio Galaxies Spanning Three Decades in Radio Luminosity - The Fundamental Plane Peter Herbert
17:15 A Dichotomy in Radio Jet Orientations in Elliptical Galaxies Ian Browne
17:30 X-Ray-IR Diagnostics for High Redshift Active Galaxies Murray Brightman
17:45 Towards a Complete Census of Local AGN Activity: A Large Population of Optically Unidentified AGNs Andy Goulding
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