The IYA2009 in Europe

Principal contact: I. Robson ( )

C. Odman (The Netherlands), I. Robson (Edinburgh, UK), P. Roche (Cardiff, UK), P. Russo (ESO), M. Stavinschi (Bucharest, Romania)

The International Year of Astronomy 2009 will be a fantastic opportunity for astronomers around the world, and in particular, in Europe to showcase the excitment and challenges of astronomy today. It will also be a platform to demonstrate the potential for young people to have a career in science and technology and to study these subjects at school. While celebrating the 400th anniversary of Galileo's observations through the telescope, IYA2009 will highlight the technological advances in telescopes and instruments along with the amazing discoveries that have changed our view of the Universe in which we live.

This symposium focuses on two key aspects of IYA2009: outreach in terms of communicating astronomy with the public; the educational value of astronomy in attracting young people into science and technology studies at school and beyond. The latter is deliberately meant to be wide-ranging, from the very young, covered by UNAWE, through secondary schooling and career choice beyond. A huge number of events are planned across Europe, so contributors are invited to share these exciting ideas and because much of the year will remain after the meeting, this is an excellent opportunity to learn from each other and gather new ideas for events in the latter part of the year.

Scientific Programme

Tuesday 21st April IYA 2009 Big Picture and Cornerstones
14:00 Coordinating Globally the International Year of Astronomy 2009 Pedro Russo
14:20 "100 Hours of Astronomy" and "Around the World in 80 Telescopes" Douglas Pierce-Price
14:40 The IYA2009 cornerstone 'She is an Astronomer' project and website Helen Walker
15:00 Portal to the Universe Lars Lindberg Christensen
15:20 Discussion
Wednesday 22nd April IYA 2009 and Activities
11:00 IYA in the UK Ian Robson
11:20 IYA-2009 Activities in Armenia Areg Mickaelian
11:40 Science Outreach in Benin (West Africa) for the IYA 2009 Aude Alapini
12:00 Society of Astronomers of Serbia, Astronomical Society "Rudjer Boskovic" and IYA 2009 Andjelka Kovacevic
12:20 Discussion  
Wednesday 22nd April IYA 2009 and Education
14:00 Galileo Teacher Training Programme Rosa Doran
14:20 A Global Citizen of the Skies Daniel Brown
14:35 The Impact of Archaeoastronomy on the Global Citizen Tina Sherwood
14:50 AIA 2009 in Romania : Education and Outreach Magda Stavinschi
15:10 IYA 2009 in Slovakia and European Project Aurora Polaris. Drahomír Chochol
Wednesday 22nd April IYA General Activities
16:00 Cutting It Fine: the Making of "The Starry Messenger" Robert Priddey
16:15 Cosmos & Culture: Astronomy at the Science Museum Alison Boyle
16:30 The ALMA Planetarium Show Henri Boffin
16:45 The Scottish Solar System Martin Hendry
17:00 Engaging the Public with Astronomy at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich: IYA and beyond Marek Kukula
17:15 Discussion  
Thursday 23rd April IYA 2009 Activities
11:00 Making Universe Awareness Happen C. Ödman
11:25 IYA 2009 Education and Science Communication Networks Sotira Trifourki
11:45 ESF Surveys for 'She is an Astronomer' Helen Walker
12:05 The Spanish Survey for 'She is an Astronomer' Helen Walker
12:20 Discussion  
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