Three decades of gravitational lenses

Principal contact: O. Wucknitz ( )

Organisers:J.-P. Beaulieu (Paris), Wyn Evans (Cambridge), E. Kerins, S. Mao (Manchester), J.-P. Kneib (Marseille), L. Koopmans (Groningen), P. Saha (Zurich), P. Schneider (Bonn), A. Taylor (Edinburgh), J. Wambsganss (Heidelberg)

Since the discovery of the first gravitational lens in 1979, gravitational lensing has rapidly exploded into three fields: strong, micro, and weak lensing with applications in virtually every area in astrophysics. This symposium will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first discovery and the tremendous advance of the field in the three decades since then. It will bring together all three branches of the European lensing community to review the initial theoretical ideas and observational discoveries, the progress made in theory and observations, and to discuss recent developments and directions for the future.

The symposium will comprise a balance of contributions from strong, micro and weak lensing. It offers the opportunity to bring the diversified sub-fields into even closer contact again to foster coordinated efforts, which are essential to utilise the opportunities of emerging instruments and tools.

Scientific Programme

Tuesday 21st April The Beginning
16:00 Gravitational Lensing - the First Discoveries (Review Talk) Bob Carswell
16:30 More than Three Decades of Lensing Theory (Review Talk) Prasenjit Saha
17:00 The magnification Theorem Olaf Wucknitz
17:15 Nine Decades of Gravitational Lenses Richard Massey
Wednesday 22nd April Microlensing
11:00 Microlensing: Planets, Dark Stars, Stellar Magnifying Glasses (Review Talk) Andrew Gould
11:30 Microlensing Planet Hunt with EUCLID Jean-Philippe Beaulieu
11:45 Extragalactic Microlensing: Quasars, Caustics & Dark Matter (Review Talk) Joachim Wambsganss
12:15 Microlensing as a Tool to Probe the Quasar Structure Dominique Sluse
Wednesday 22nd April Strong Lensing by Galaxies
14:00 Strong Gravitational Lensing by Galaxies (Review Talk) Leon Koopmans
14:30 COSMOS 5921+0638: a New Strong Gravitational Lensing System Timo Anguita
14:45 Integral- Field Spectroscopy of SLACS Lenses Oliver Czoske
15:00 First Detection of Water in the Distant Universe John McKean
15:15 Gravitational Lensing: Surveys and Studies with New Instruments Neal Jackson
Wednesday 22nd April Strong and Weak Lensing
16:00 Effects of Substructure on Gravitational Lensing: Results from Aquarius Simulations Dandan Xu
16:15 Luminous Satellite Galaxies in Gravitational Lenses Sarah Bryan
16:30 Weak Gravitational Lensing: Recent & Future Progress (Review Talk) Andy Taylor
17:00 A Halo Model for Intrinsic Alignments Sarah Bridle
17:15 LoCuSS: New Cluster Weak-Lensing Results from Subaru Graham P. Smith
Thursday 23rd April Cluster Lensing
11:00 Cluster Lensing (Review Talk) Jean-Paul Kneib
11:30 Weak Lensing Studies of Galaxy Clusters Henk Hoekstra
11:45 LoCuSS: Weak Lensing Analysis of 21 Galaxy Clusters at z=0.15-0.3 Victoria Hamilton-Morris
12:00 Weak Lensing Observation of Potentially X-ray Underluminous Galaxy Clusters Jörg Dietrich
12:15 Concluding Remarks  
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