Multi-wavelength high redshift surveys

Principal contact: K. Caputi ( )

Organisers: K. Caputi (ETH Zurich, Switzerland), C. de Breuck, V. Mainieri (ESO), F. Fiore (INAF-Rome, Italy), R. Ivison (Edinburgh, UK), M. Jarvis (Hertfordshire), S. Oliver (Sussex, UK), I. Smail (Durham, UK)

The multiple deep and wide-area surveys being performed in the coming years from X-rays through far-IR/submillimetre and radio wavelengths will allow us to address many new problems on galaxy evolution up to very high redshifts. Several facilities of strategic importance for European astronom will soon be operational, such as e.g. eROSITA, VISTA, JWST, Herschel, SCUBA2, ALMA, LOFAR and eMERLIN. Exploiting the synergies between these telescopes will be fundamental to maximise the scientific output of future surveys.

The aims of this symposium are to summarise recent results on high-redshift normal galaxies and AGN obtained with current multi-wavelength studies, and discuss the potential of future surveys to solve key open questions in galaxy evolution. The symposium will be divided into five blocks:

  1. The earliest galaxies and AGN
  2. Galaxy/AGN evolution: star formation and stellar-mass assembly
  3. Galaxy/AGN evolution: star formation, AGN activity and black-hole buildup
  4. Galaxy/AGN large scale structure and environment
  5. Future multi-wavelength surveys.

Blocks 1 to 4 will be opened by one or two review talks, followed by several contributed talks. The last block will be composed of contributed talks that present the characteristics and science goals of forthcoming deep/wide-area surveys at different wavelengths.

Scientific Programme

Tuesday 21st April First Galaxies - Large-Scale Structure - Galaxy Environments
16:00 Galaxies in the First Few Gyrs (Review Talk) Matthew Lehnert
16:20 Intense Starbursts at z~5: First Stellar Mass Assembly in the Progenitors of Present-Day Spheroids Aprajita Verma
16:30 Spectroscopy of 70 LBGs at z>4.7 Laura Douglas
16:40 Constraints on Star Forming Galaxies at z>6.5 from HAWKI Y-Band Imaging of GOODS-South Samantha Hickey
16:50 The clustering properties of high-redshift galaxies and AGNs (Review Talk) Cristiano Porciani
17:10 The Clustering Properties of Distant Red Galaxies from the UKIDSS Deep Extragalactic Survey Glen Parish
17:20 Obscured Star Formation as a Function of the Environment in the COSMOS Field Chiara Feruglio
Wednesday 22nd April Stellar Mass Assembly
11:00 The History of Mass Assembly: Results and Open Questions (Review Talk) Adriano Fontana
11:30 A Major Spectroscopic Campaign Targeting K-Band Selected Galaxies in the UKIDSS Ultra-Deep Survey Henry Pearce
11:40 Size Evolution of Early-Type Galaxies Arjen van der Wel
11:50 Exploring the Formation of Massive Galaxies in GOODS Ignacio Ferreras
12:00 The Star Formation History of Early-Type Galaxies over the Last 8 Billion Years Sugata Kaviraj
12:10 The Nature and Clustering of Star-Forming Galaxies at z=0.84 David Sobral
12:20 The GOODS NICMOS Survey: Early Results Christopher Conselice
Wednesday 22nd April Obscured Star Formation - Radio Galaxies
14:00 Obscured Star Formation Review (Review Talk) Ian Smail
14:30 The Far Infrared History of the Universe from the Balloon- Borne Large-Aperture Submillimeter Telescope: BLAST Enzo Pascale
14:40 The AzTEC mm-Wave Survey of the SHADES Fields Angela Mortier
14:50 The High-Redshift (z>4) Tail of Submillimeter Galaxies Kristen Coppin
15:00 Investigating the Far-IR/Radio Correlation of Star Forming Galaxies to z=3 Nick Seymour
15:10 Deep Multi-Frequency Radio Imaging in the Lockman Hole using the GMRT and VLA: The Nature of the sub-mJy Radio Population Eduardo Ibar
15:20 High Resolution CO and Radio Studies of High-z ULIRGs: Calibrating the z=2 Star Formation Laws Scott Chapman
Wednesday 22nd April Radio Galaxies - Starbursts/AGN
16:00 Testing the AGN-Starburst Connection with Deep Multi-Wavelength Surveys (Review Talk) David Alexander
16:30 Constraints on the Micro-Jy Radio Source Population from the VLA-CDFS Survey Paolo Padovani
16:40 Radio Observations of Complete Hard X-Ray AGN Samples Fabio La Franca
16:50 Results from an Ultra-Deep Chandra Observation of the z=3.09 SSA22 Bret Lehmer
17:00 Ongoing Nuclear Activity and Star Formation in z>1 AGN in the CDFS Fabrizio Fiore
17:10 X-Ray Selected Type-2 QSOs: a Laboratory to Study Ongoing Star Formation and Black Hole Accretion Vincenzo Mainieri
17:20 Results from the Deepest Ever Far-Infrared Survey of AGNs James Mullaney
Thursday 23rd April Future Surveys
11:00 Outstanding Issues in Galaxy Formation(Review Talk) Simon White
11:30 VIDEO and SERVs: a Deep and Wide Near-Infrared View of the Universe Matthew Jarvis
11:40 The Herschel ATLAS and other Herschel Surveys Stephen Eales
11:50 The Herschel Multi-Tiered Extragalactic Survey (HerMES) Seb Oliver
12:00 Beyond Herschel on SAFARI - a FIR Imaging Spectrometer and Photometer for SPICA Kate Isaak
12:10 Predictions for Cosmological Surveys with Herschel Based on Galaxy Formation in CDM Cedric Lacey
12:20 Discussion  
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