The standard cosmological models - successes and challenges

Principal contact: S. Bridle (

Organisers: S. Bridle (UCL, UK), O. Lahav (UCL, UK), T. Shanks (Durham, UK), A. Refregier (Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique - CEA, Saclay), B. Leibundgut (ESO)

Our universe appears to be mostly made up of two mysterious substances: dark matter and dark energy. This symposium will focus on finding out more about these components, including alternative explanations of the data. We will discuss probes of the geometry and growth of structure in the universe including type Ia supernovae, baryon acoustic oscillations, redshift space distortions, cosmic shear and cluster counts. Both the statistical power and potential systematic limitations of different approaches will be considered. We will conclude with an overview of current and future observational surveys.

Scientific Programme

Monday 20th April  
11:00 CMB Constraints on Cosmology (Review Talk) Antony Lewis
11:25 Experimental Particle Physics Constraints on Dark Matter (Review Talk) Neil Spooner
11:50 First Science Results from the ZEPLIN - III Direct Dark Matter Search Timothy Sumner
12:00 Measuring B-mode polarization with Clover Michael Jones
12:10 Discussion  
Monday 20th April  
14:00 Evidence for Dark Energy (Review Talk) Andy Taylor
14:25 Simulations of Quintessential Cold Dark Matter: Beyond the Cosmological Constant Elise Jennings
14:35 Searching for Evolution in the Spectra of Type Ia Supernovae Emma Walker
14:45 Evidence Against an Accelerating Universe? Tom Shanks
15:00 Masses of Galaxies, Groups and Clusters via QSO Lensing Utane Sawangwit
15:05 Discussion  
Monday 20th April  
16:30 Cosmic Shear Results from the CFHTLS Henk Hoekstra
16:40 The Impact of Intrinsic Alignments on Cosmology from Weak Gravitational Lensing Donnacha Kirk
16:50 Beyond Standard Models with 3D Cosmic Shear Tom Kitching
17:00 Locating the Baryon Acoustic Peak Fergus Simpson
17:10 What Do Galaxy Surveys Really Teach Us? Molly Swanson
17:20 Discussion  
17:35 Poster Review  
Tuesday 21st April  
11:00 Theoretical Models of Dark Energy (Review Talk) Ed Copeland
11:25 Review on Modified Gravity (Review Talk) Ruth Durrer
11:50 Cosmological Parameters from Photometric Redshift Surveys Filipe Abdalla
12:00 The Case for European Involvement in LSST Bob Mann
12:05 Discussion  
Tuesday 21st April  
14:00 Future Surveys (Review Talk) Matthew Colless
14:25 Dark Energy and Dark Matter from space (Review Talk) Alexander Refregier
14:35 The Fundamentals of Cosmology (Panel Discussion) Ofer Lahav (Chair)
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