Upcoming ESA Astrophysics Missions

Principal contact: Guido de Marchi (gdemarchi@rssd.esa.int )

Organisers: Guido de Marchi (ESA)

This session will offer a general overview of the scientific objectives of the four ESA astrophysics missions to be launched in the next four years. The talks will also address the technical readiness of the missions. Since Herschel and Planck are currently scheduled for launch the week before the JENAM 2009 meeting, it may be possible to provide an update on the earliest post-launch operation phases.

Scientific Programme

Wednesday 22nd April  
11:00 Planck's science and mission status Jan Tauber (ESTEC)
11:25 Herschel's science and mission status Göran Pilbratt (ESTEC)
11:50 Gaia's science programme Timo Prusti (ESTEC)
12:15 JWST's science programme Stefania Carpano (ESTEC)
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