Pro-Am Session

Principal contact: J. Stone ( )

Organisers: J. Stone, N. Szymanek

Astronomy is almost unique in being a discipline in which amateurs can make a significant contribution. Indeed their involvement is eagerly sought by the professionals, creating a highly beneficial partnership. The millions of amateur astronomers across the world are an enormous resource, and are even involved in the search for extrasolar planets.

Technology has put what used to be professional equipment within the reach of amateurs, and massive budgets are no longer required in order to obtain such items as computer-controlled telescopes, high-quality CCD cameras, and hydrogen-alpha telescopes.

In 2009 the IYA intends to increase awareness of astronomy and encourage others to take part in the exploration of the universe. Exactly what is the role played by amateur astronomers, and how are they providing support for the professionals? In addition, what is taking place in professional astronomy to help the amateur community?

Abstracts of up to 200 words are invited for presentations of 10-15 minutes and for posters.

Scientific Programme

Tuesday 21st April  
11:00 Introduction  
11:05 Amateur Contributions to the Study of the Atmospheric Dynamics of Jupiter and Saturn David Arditti
11:20 Pro-am Collaboration in CCD Photometry of Cataclysmic Variable Stars David Boyd
11:35 Precision Timing of Occultations, Eclipses, and Transits by Dedicated Amateur Astronomers Andrew Elliott
11:50 Increased Pro-Am Cooperation in Spectroscopy Delivers Results Robin Leadbeater
12:05 The BAA VSS and Pro-Am Collaboration Roger Pickard
12:20 Poster Session and Summary  
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