The Virtual Observatory and distributed computing

Principal contact: N. A. Walton ( )

Organisers: C. Arviset (ESAC, ESA), P. Padovani (ESO), N. Walton (IoA Cambridge, UK)

Significant new software systems are being deployed across Europe to meet the challenges presented by current and planned astronomical missions and research projects. This session will allow for updates on systems covering emerging Virtual Observatory systems (e.g. The Euro-VO), advanced data pipe-lining and management systems designed to support the scientific exploitation of new missions from ESA and ESO, use of distributed compute grids to support e.g. numerical simulations, and significant new astronomy applications for use on the "desktop".

Those with new systems, examples of research enabled by access to powerful compute infrastructures, or members from astronomy missions with challenging new requirements are encouraged to contribute to this session, either through talks or poster presentations.

The session will be of interest to a wide cross section of astronomy users, from cosmologists to solar-terrestrial physicists.

Scientific Programme

Wednesday 22nd April  
11:00 VO and GRID in the Context of ESA Science Archives Christophe Arviset
11:25 Astronomer- Steered Pipelines for Access to Radio Interferometry Data using VO Techniques Anita Richards
11:45 VOSpec: a VO Spectral Analysis Tool Deborah Baines
12:00 Data Publishing and Science: The European Virtual Observatory Data Centre Alliance Jonathan Tedds
12:15 Bulgarian Virtual Observatory: Link to Astroinformatics Milcho Tsvetkov
Wednesday 22nd April  
14:00 Improving Ease-of-Access to Virtual Observatories using Web Based Visualization Tools Jonathan Fay
14:25 Virtual Observatory Activities at ESO Fernando Comeron
14:50 Cambridge Astronomical Survey Unit: Providing Data Products for the VO Eduardo Gonzalez-Solares
15:05 Cloud Cosmology Thomas Kitching
15:20 VAMDC: Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre Nicholas Walton
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