X-ray astronomy in the next decade

Principal contact: K. Nandra (k.nandra@imperial.ac.uk )

Organisers: A. Fabian (IoA, Cambridge, UK), K. Nandra (Imperial College London, UK), M. Watson (Leicester, UK)

These sessions will report new results from current X-ray satellites, and look forward to the proposed future X-ray mission, IXO (the International X-ray Observatory), which is a merger of the former XEUS and Constellation-X concepts. IXO will enter the US Decadal Survey process around the time of the meeting, and shortly thereafter will be reviewed by ESA's advisory structure for the "Cosmic Vision" program. Talks will cover the following subject areas:

  • Black Holes and Matter Under Extreme Conditions
  • Galaxy Formation, Galaxy Clusters and Cosmic Feedback
  • Life Cycles of Matter and Energy

The intent is to summarise the new knowledge we have obtained on these topics with Chandra, XMM-Newton and Suzaku, and use this to help motivate the performance requirements for IXO.

Scientific Programme

Tuesday 21st April  
11:00 The International X-ray Observatory Arvind Parmar
11:20 Decoding X-Ray Variability Phil Uttley
11:40 The First Detection of a Broad Iron L Line and Reverberation in NLS1 1H0707-495 with XMMNewton Abderahmen Zoghbi
11:50 The Future of Strong Gravity Studies with X-Ray Spectroscopy Simon Vaughan
12:00 The Ultraluminous State Jeanette Gladstone
12:10 Science with the ASTRO-H X-ray calorimeter and hard X-ray telescope Andy Fabian
Tuesday 21st April  
14:00 The Coolest Gas in Galaxy Clusters Jeremy Sanders
14:20 Evolution of Cluster Properties from IXO Observations Nathan Slack
14:30 Galaxy Group and Cluster Science with eROSITA Gabriel Pratt
14:50 Probing the Evolution of Accretion Activity over Cosmic Time James Aird
15:10 Synergies between Future X-ray and Infrared Facilities Fabrizio Fiore
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