Galaxy clusters and their evolution

Principal contact: T. Ponman (

Organisers: R. Bower (Durham, UK), G. Mamon (IAP, France) T. Ponman (Birmingham, UK)

This session will focus on the evolutionary development of galaxy clusters and their constituent galaxies. Clusters of galaxies are important both for their role as the end-point of the hierarchical growth of the Universe and for their application as an extreme laboratory of galaxy evolution. Studies of cluster evolution can therefore refine our understanding of structure formation, galaxy evolution and cosmic feedback. Presentations which aim to link observations with theory are especially welcomed.

Scientific Programme

Wednesday 22nd April  
16:00 Evolution, Downsizing and Environment: Results from Faint Cluster Galaxies Russell Smith
16:15 LoCuSS: The Mid-Infrared Butcher- Oemler Effect Chris Haines
16:30 The Gas Properties of Cluster Starbursts James Geach
16:45 AGES : Deep HI Observations of the Virgo Cluster Rhys Taylor
17:00 The Effect of Ram Pressure on the Star Formation, Mass Distribution and Morphology of Galaxies Wolfgang Kapferer
17:15 Poster Adverts Chris Collins
Oliver Hielscher
Avon Huxor
Diego Capozzi
Smriti Mahajan
Ali Dariush
Thursday 23rd April  
11:00 The Thermal History of the Intragroup Medium Richard Bower
11:15 JKCS 041, a z=1.9 Cluster Optically Detected with a well Developed Potential Well Stefano Andreon
11:30 Combining Semi-Analytic Models of Galaxy Formation with Simulations of Galaxy Clusters Chris Short
11:45 Hot Gas in Galaxy Clusters & Cool-Core/Non- Cool Core Bimodality Alastair Sanderson
12:00 The X-Ray Luminous Cluster Underlying the Bright Radio-Quiet Quasar H1821+643 Helen Russell
12:15 Poster Adverts Ben Maughan
Gabriel Pratt
Ed Lloyd-Davies
James Falder
Habib Khosroshahi
Thomas Scott
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