The local volume: constraints on galaxy formation and evolution

Principal contact: R. Saglia ( )

Organisers: R. Bender, O. Gerhard, R. Saglia, J. Thomas (MPE, Garching, Germany),I. Ferreras, D. Kawata, S. Kaviraj (MSSL-UCL, UK)

The session is structured in three blocks, each 1.5 hours long, dealing with three topics: A) supermassive black holes and bars; B) Anisotropy, entropy and galaxy simulations; C) Dark matter and redshift evolution.

  1. will discuss the dynamical mass estimates of supermassive and intermediate mass black holes, the connection with the overall growth of galaxy bulges and the energy feedback mechanisms. Moreover, bars and disk instabilities driving secular evolution as a further mechanism for the formation and growth of galaxy bulges and their SMBHs will be considered.
  2. will assess our present understanding of the dynamical structure of galaxies, their entropy content and the role of dissipation in the formation process as a function of galaxy mass. N-body galaxy mergers and hybrid hydro-Nbody simulations in a cosmological context as tools to reach more realistic descriptions of galaxy merger processes will be reviewed.
  3. will survey galaxy dark matter properties coming from stellar dynamics, dynamical tracers, X-ray halo emission, strong gravitational lensing as probes of galaxy formation mechanisms, and confront them with the predictions of semi-analytic models.

Scientific Programme

Tuesday 21st April Black Holes
11:00 Black Hole Scaling Relations John Magorrian
11:20 The SINFONI Black Hole Survey Roberto Saglia
11:40 Feeding the Central Black Hole and Nuclear Starbursts: Gas Inflow in Nuclear Spirals Witold Maciejewski
12:00 Dynamical Properties of Nearby Early-Type Galaxies through Atlas3D Survey Davor Krajnovic
12:10 A Census of Nuclear Stellar Disks in Early-type Galaxies Hugo Ledo
Tuesday 21st April Dark Matter
14:00 Dynamics of Elliptical Galaxies at Large Radii Ortwin Gerhard
14:20 Mass Modelling of the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal with 2200 Tracers Gary Mamon
14:40 Orbital Structure, Entropy and Formation of Elliptical Galaxies Jens Thomas
15:00 Dark Matter in Gravitational- Lens Galaxies Leon Koopmans
15:20 No Escape from Vesc: a Global and Local Parameter in Early Type Galaxy Formation Nicholas Scott
Tuesday 21st April Formation Constraints
16:00 Secular Evolution in Spiral Bulges Daniel Thomas
16:20 New Light on the Analysis of Star Formation Histories Ignacio Ferreras
16:40 Galaxy Mergers and the Formation of Elliptical Galaxies Thorsten Naab
17:00 Panel Discussion
  1. Magda Arnaboldi
  2. Aaron Romanowsky
  3. Tom Oosterloo
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