High Energy Non-thermal Astrophysics

Principal contact: J. A. Hinton (j.a.hinton@leeds.ac.uk)

Organisers: L. Drury (IAS, Dublin, Ireland), J. Hinton (Leeds, UK)

The acceleration of particles in a wide range of galactic and extragalactic objects leads to non-thermal particle energy distributions and associated very broad-band emission. Recent advances in the imaging atmospheric Cherenkov technique, as demonstrated in particular by the HESS, MAGIC and VERITAS collaborations, have opened up a new observational window for ground-based astronomy at TeV gamma-ray energies. Together with the very exciting first results from the Fermi gamma-ray space telescope at GeV energies, as well as observations by Fermi and other space missions at MeV energies, gamma-ray astronomy now offers a new perspective on the high-energy non-thermal universe at photon energies from MeV to TeV.

This session will highlight recent experimental results, plans for future instruments, complementary studies of high-energy gamma-ray sources at other wavelengths, and links to neutrino astrophysics and cosmic-ray studies as well as theoretical and phenomenological work on the processes responsible for the high-energy emission.

Scientific Programme

Wednesday 22nd April  
16:00 Particle Acceleration in Colliding Wind Binaries Julian Pittard
16:20 H.E.S.S. Observations of Massive Stellar Clusters Stefan Ohm
16:40 Multi-Wavelength Identification of High-Energy Sources Roberto Mignani
17:05 High-Energy Particle Acceleration at the Radio-Lobe Shock of Centaurus A Judith Croston
Thursday 23rd April  
11:00 Cosmic Rays from Extragalactic Sources Arnold Wolfendale
11:25 Early Results from the Fermi-LAT Mission Stefan Funk
11:50 Extragalactic VHE Gamma-Ray Sources and the EBL Daniel Mazin
12:10 The Cherenkov Telescope Array Sam Nolan
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