MHD seismology of solar, space and astrophysical plasmas

Principal contact: V. Nakariakov ( )

Organisers:  I. De Moortel (St. Andrews, UK), M. Mathioudakis (QUB, UK), V. Nakariakov (Warwick, UK), M. Volwerk (Graz, Austria)

Note: this 4 x 1.5-hr session is scheduled jointly with the MIST and UKSP programmes.

Magnetohydrodynamic waves and oscillations are an intrinsic feature of various natural plasma systems, from ionospheres and magnetospheres of the Earth and other planets to the solar and stellar coronae and winds, and magnetospheres of pulsars and magnetars. The waves, being natural probes of plasma systems, provide us with an excellent and often unique approach to the diagnostics of physical conditions in the plasmas and processes operating in them. The stunning recent progress in observational and theoretical studies of MHD wave phenomena in natural plasmas gave rise to novel and rapidly developing branches of Astrophysics and Space Science: solar coronal seismology, Earth's and Ganymede's magneto-seismologies, and MHD seismology of astrophysical objects.

The aim of the session is to create a joint forum for the specialists working on various aspects of MHD wave diagnostics of space and astrophysical plasmas. The session covers observational detection of MHD waves and oscillations, and quasi-periodic pulsations in energy releases; data analysis; theoretical modelling of MHD wave interaction with plasmas and MHD oscillations, including oscillatory magnetic reconnection and triggering of flares by MHD waves; and wave-based diagnostics of plasma properties.

The session consists of four sub-sessions:

  • Sub-session 1 (together with MIST): Earth's and planetary magneto-seismology
  • Sub-session 2 (together with UKSP): Solar coronal seismology
  • Sub-session 3: Magnetohydrodynamic seismology of stellar coronae
  • Sub-session 4: Magnetohydrodynamic seismology of astrophysical objects

Scientific Programme

Monday 20th April Earth's and Planetary Magneto-Seismology
11:00 Magnetoseismology: Remote Sensing the Earth's Magnetosphere Using MHD Waves Frederick Menk
11:30 Modulation of NTC frequencies by Pc5 ULF Pulsations: Experimental test of the generation Mechanism and Magnetoseismology of the Emitting Surface Clair Foullon
11:45 Sounding of Space Plasma with ULF Waves: Lessons from the Earth's Magnetosphere Evgeny Fedorov
12:00 An Empirical Model for Pi3/Pc5 Parameters at High Latitudes Nadezda Yagova
12:15 Studying Ganymede's Magnetosphere with ULF Waves. Martin Volwerk
Monday 20th April Solar Coronal Seismology
14:00 Transverse Waves and Oscillations in the Solar Corona Erwin Verwichte
14:30 Kink Oscillations of Cooling Coronal Loops Robertus Erdelyi
14:45 Seismology of Transversely Oscillating Coronal Loops and Prominence Threads Inigo Arregui
15:00 Detection of Three Periodicities in a Single Oscillating Coronal Loop Tom Van Doorsselaere
15:15 Coronal Seismology of 3D Numerical Simulations of Transverse Loop Oscillations Ineke De Moortel
Monday 20th April MHD Seismology
16:30 Diagnostics of Stellar Coronae using Quasi-Periodic Pulsations Alexander Stepanov
17:00 Heating Diagnostics with Magnetoseismology Youra Taroyan
17:15 Multi- Periodic Oscillatory Events in Solar Flares Andrew Inglis
17:30 The Nature of Kink MHD Waves in Magnetic Flux Tubes Marcel Goossens
17:45 Stellar Oscillations and Magnetic Fields Michael Thompson
Tuesday 21st April MHD Seismology
11:00 Magnetar Seismology Nils Andersson
11:30 A Unified View on the Coronal Loop Eigenmode Problem and the Scattering of p-modes by Photospheric Fluxtubes Jesse Andries
11:45 Chromospheric Seismology Kevin Reardon
12:00 Magneto-Seismology with Alfvén Waves Gary Verth
12:15 Fast Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Solar Microwave Bursts Baolin Tan
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