5-a-side Football Tournament

The infamous JENAM 5-a-side football tournament starts at 18:30 on Monday 20th April and will be held on the outdoor pitches behind the Hertfordshire Sports Village on the de Havilland Campus, which are a 5 minute walk from the conference venue.


If you would like to enter a team into the 2009 JENAM tournament, please e-mail jenam@herts.ac.uk the completed form below. You will be required to provide a referee for matches in which you are not involved - please make sure they are well acquainted with the rules below.


Team Name:


Nominated Referee:

Player 1:
Player 2:
Player 3:
Player 4:
Player 5:
Player 6:
Player 7:

If you are interested in participating but do not have enough playters for a team of your own, please e-mail your name and institution/country and we will do our best to organise a team for you.

The DEADLINE for registration for the football tournament is the 1st APRIL 2009 and entry is FREE.

Important Information

The tournament will run from 6.30pm until 10pm on Monday 20th April 2009. The tournament style and match length will be announced once the number of participants has been finalised. You will be responsible for your team strip, however, bib's will be provided if there are colour clashes.

Tournament Rules

The 2009 JENAM tournament will follow the usual 5-a-side football rules. Thus the following rules will be enforced by referees:

  • At the kick off teams must be in their own halves, with the goalkeepers in their goal areas.
  • The offside rule will not be in operation.
  • The goalkeeper is the only player allowed within the goal area. If a defensive player encroaches the area a penalty kick will be awarded to the opposing team. If an offensive player deliberately enters the area the ball will be given to the opposing goalkeeper. A penalty will be awarded to the offensive team if the goalkeeper intentionally comes out of the area.
  • Goalkeepers must roll the ball into play underarm. The ball will be returned to the goalkeeper for a re-throw if the ball is thrown incorrectly or kicked.
  • Backpasses are allowed. However, the ball must be touched by more than one teammate before it can be returned to the goalkeeper, otherwise a free kick will be awarded to the opposition.
  • Sliding tackles are not permitted. Free kicks will be awarded.
  • Free kicks are awarded for handball by an outfield player or if the ball goes above head height.
  • Players are only allowed to kick the ball being contested.
  • Violent behaviour or persistent fouling will result in bookings.
  • Players will be suspended for one game if they are cautioned, or two games if they are dismissed.
  • Substitutions are only allowed in dead ball situations and when the referee has been informed.
  • Players defending a free kick must be at least 2 metres from the ball when the kick is taken. However, defenders are allowed to stand just outside the goal area if the offence occurred within 2 metres of the area.
  • During penalty kicks the goalkeeper must remain on the goal line.
  • "Run-ups" are not permitted when taking a penalty. Penalty takers are only allowed a maximum of 2 steps before striking the ball.
  • "Throw-ins" are effectively "roll-ins".
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