The Starry Messenger follows the escapades through history of wannabe astronomer Celeste, and her mysterious guide Quicksilver - the `Starry Messenger' himself. This story is aimed at school pupils and illustrates several keey topics in the GCSE Physics syllabus. The following videos are hosted at

The DVD Intro

The opening sequence to The Starry Messenger as we travel onto Earth and the setting of this film.

Act 1

As Celeste becomes increasing frustrated trying to get into Astronomy, a simple accident has more consequences than she could have imagined.

Act 2

Celeste travels through history to repair the damage done - but what lessons shall she learn on the way?

Act 3

With history restored, there is just one more famous scientist that needs her help - but is she up to this greatest of challenges.

For your own copy of the DVD and the accompanying booklet as a complete and stylish activities pack, please contact us. If you are associated with a school, college, museum, library, astronomy society or other educational institution, you can get a copy for free although there are a limited number of copies. Also contact us if you would like to provide feedback on the movie.