The science, iconology and symbolism in The Starry Messenger is all based on fact so below you can download information on all of aspects of the project. The writer, Robert Priddey, also wrote many of these documents, including the Sidereus Nuncius in English, a detailed discription of the symbolism and iconology, as well as the original script.

The Starry Messenger Educational Suppliment

The booklet that accompanies the dvd in our activity pack can be downloaded here. In includes explanatory chapters that explore the work of each scientist featured in the film followed by exercises, lab demonstrations and thought experiments for classes to work on together.

The Sidereus Nuncius

This document is the text of Galileo's original Starry Messenger, as seen at the start of the film in English. It is a short treatise published in New Latin by Galileo Galilei in March 1610 and was the first scientific treatise based on observations made through a telescope. It contains the results of Galileo's early observations of the Moon, the stars, and the moons of Jupiter which lead to his well known argument with the church about whether the Earth was the center of the Universe.

Symbolism and Iconology

This document describes the symbolism, mythology and iconology that is included and also inspired the characters and artwork in The Starry Messenger.

Original Script

The script that was used in the making of this short film was written by Robert Priddey and can be downloaded here, should you want to use it for your own film or production. We just ask that you remember Robert in your credits.