The soundtrack was composed by Robert Priddey and Alice Williamson, and mixed by Edward Bainton, Simon Rogers & Robert Priddey. Copyright 2009

Title Scene mp3 Genre Author
Space Invaders(opening)B-movieAW
Funky Clickin'(seminar)AlternativeAW
Call Me Quicksilver(library - version 1)ScherzoRP
Things That Might Have Been(instrumental)Soft RockRP
The Grand Book(library - later)FantasyAW
Nede, Land of the Gibbers(wasteland)ElectronicRP
Gibberdance(Gibbers' downtown)Avant-GardeRP
Street Mess(Padova)Renaissance BuskAW/RP
A Quick Pluck(lute music)RenaissanceAW
Recitative(Newton part 1)BaroqueRP
Aria(Newton part 2)BaroqueRP
Relativity Rag(eclipse)Silent MovieRP
Hubble Bubble Swing(Hubble)Early JazzAW
That Wraps it Up!(school corridor)Opera BuffaRP
There is a Book(school classroom)SymphonicRP
Into the Sunset(school exterior)RomanticRP
Messy Serenade(lecture)Light OrchestralAW/RP
Messy Waltz(closing credits)SalonRP

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