1.20-25Hirschegg, Austria Invited talk at EMMI Workshop
12.24-26Mitaka Invited talk at 理論懇シンポ:宇宙論100年
11.17-22Paraty, Brazil Invited review at IAU Symposium 395: Stellar populations in the Milky Way and beyond, to honoour Beatriz Barbuy
10.20-25Ringberg Invited to workshp: Computational Galaxy Formation
9.28onlinePublic Lecture 宇核連企画 朝日カルチャー公開講座で講演
9.18Canberra Invited talk at MSO 100th anniversary celebration
9.15-20Dresden Scientific Advisory Board of Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics NPA-XI (unlikely to attend)
9.8-14Chengdu IAC of 17th International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies OMEG2024 (unlikely to attend)
8.26-30Kunming SOC of The Progenitors of Supernovae and their Explosion (unlikely to attend)
8.18-24Kunming Invited to ICESUN Summer School 2024: Stellar Explosions and Related Objects (may attend a few days)
7.22-26Cambridge Invited talk at IoA50: New Frontiers of Astronomy
7.15-19Hull SOC of National Astronomy Meeting
7.8-10Surrey SOC of BRIDGCE annual meeting
7.1-5Padova SOC co-chair of European Astronomical Society session: Chemical evolution in the era of JWST: from stars to galaxies
6.24-28Palinuro SOC of Cosmic Chemical Evolution - A conference in honour of Francesca Matteucci
5.6-10Paralia, Greece Invited talk at HeavyMetal workshop
4.29-5.3Leiden Invited to workshop: Gravitational waves: a new ear on the chemistry of galaxies
4.15-19Baltimore Invited review at 2024 STScI Spring Symposium: Recipes to regulate star formation at all scales: From the nearby Universe to the first galaxies
3.28Marseilles Invited Colloquium Talk at LAM
3.11-15Sesto Invited talk at workshop: Cosmic Threads: Interlinking the Stellar Initial Mass Function from Star-birth to Galaxies (declined due to clash)
3.11-12Hongo SOC chair of Astronomical Society of Japan special session: Formation and evolution of the Galaxy and galaxies with Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph
1.12 GN-z11 paper accepted 2308.15583
1.10-12Geneve Invited talk at Workshop: Formation, Evolution and Signatures of Supermassive Stars, "Chemical Evolution of the first/early galaxy" (1.12)
12.26-29TokyoVisiting IPMU
12.8SydneyColloquium talk at University of Sydney
12.5CanberraColloquium talk at RSAA
11.27-12.3Tangalooma, Moreton Island Astro3D retreat
11.27-12.25Canberra RSAA Distinguished Visitor
11.1-2online Invited talk at workshop: The Milky Way Seen through Neutron-Capture Elements, Lund, Sweden, "Origin of the s and r process elements" (11.1)
10.9-13Paris SOC of workshop: Milky Way research: connecting the near and far field, also talk "Chemodynamic evolution from early discs to the Milky Way" (10.11)
9.27Pisacollaborative meeting
9.18-22Procchio, Elba Invited to Mike's Fest: The Galactic bulge and beyond, talk "Elemental abundances in the Galactic bulge, M31 disks, and in the early Universe" (9.21)
9.17-22Daejeon, KoreaInternational Advisory Committee, and Programme Committee chair, of Nuclei in the Cosmos NIC-XVII (not attending)
9.11-13EdinburghSOC of BRIDGCE-IReNA annual meeting
9.6-8Heidelberg Invited talk at Hengstberger Symposium: Understanding the massive-star origin of our elements: A unified understanding of stellar yields, "Galactic Chemical Evolution modelling & the implementation of stellar yields" (9.8)
9.4 M31 paper accepted 2309.01707 Press Release
8.30-9.1online PFS WG co-chairs' meeting
8.25online Invited talk at Maria Lugaro's ERC grant RADIOSTAR closing event
7.31-8.25MunichMIAPP workshop: Stellar Astrophysics in the Era of Gaia, Spectroscopic and Asteroseismic Surveys (declined)
7.25-8.2Banyuls-sur-Mer Invited lecture at GISM2 International Summer School on the ISM of Nearby Galaxies, "Chemical Evolution of Galaxies: Theories and Observations" (7.27)
6.29HertsVisitor: Caroline Foster
6.13HertsInnovation and Sustainability Panel at PECS conference
6.2Londoncollaborative meeting
5.24-26Michigan Invited talk at CeNAM Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics, "The Origin of Elements and their Evolution in Galaxies" (5.26)
5.15-18Trieste Invited talk at IFPU Focus Week on the First Stars, "The First Chemical Enrichment" (5.17)
5.12Cambridgecollaborative meeting
4.19Oxford SPI-MAX seminar talk "Can neutron star mergers alone explain the r-process enrichment of the Milky Way?"
3.20-24Cambridge JWST 2023: A new era in extragalactic astronomy: early results from the James Webb Space Telescope
3.1-5KashiwaPFS meeting
2.27London Invited colloquium talk at UCL
2.25Oxford Session Chair at Physics Feuds Throughout History
2.15Book Chapter in Handbook of Nuclear Physics on ArXiv:2302.07255
2.6-10Kuala-Lumpur, Malaysia SOC of IAUS 377: Early Disk-Galaxy Formation from JWST to the Milky Way, talk "Chemodynamical Evolution of Galaxies: from Milky Way to Early Disk Galaxies" (2.9)
12.29-1.17Japan collaborative visit
12.24CE paper accepted, 2 weeks after submission ArXiv:2212.06770
12.18NSM paper accepted, 5 weeks after submission ArXiv:2211.04964 Press Release
12.5-7KeeleSOC of hybrid annual meeting of BRIDGCE network
12.5-9Melbourne Invited talk at GWPAW Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop, "Metallicity specific star formation history: theory and observations" (12.8)
12.4Book Chapter in Handbook of Nuclear Physics submitted
11.30-12.3Canbetta Visiting Monash ANU; talk at GASP (11.30)
11.27-12.10Melbourne Visiting Monash University; talk at stellar group meeting (12.7)
10.31-11.25MunichMIAPP workshop: The Fundamental Role of Stellar Multiplicity in Stellar Dynamics and Evolution, talk "The role of stellar multiplicity in galactic chemical evolution" (11.9); The Impact of Binaries on Stellar Evolution (ImBaSE), talk "Black hole-neutron star mergers for early Galactic chemical enrichment" (11.15)
10.25-28Ha Noi, Viet Nam Advisory Committee & Invited talk at OMEG16 16th International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies, "Galactic chemical evolution of light-to-heavy elements" (10.25 online)
9.26-30Sestri Levante, ItalyInvited talk at PUMA22 Probing the Universe with Multi-Messenger Astrophysics, "Galactic archeology: overview and chemical evolution" (9.30)
9.26-30ReykjavikWhat Drives the Growth of Black Holes? A Decade of Reflection (missed due to clash)
9.20-23PerthInvited to KCF@80 (missed due to clash)
9.19-23Catania SOC co-chair of KICC workshop: Charting the metallicity evolution history of the Universe
9.5-9CambridgeInvited talk at The Epoch of Galaxy Quenching 2022, "The origin of the elements and their connection to galaxy quenching" (9.6 online)
9.5-9Chania, CreteInvited to Alvio@80, talk "Elemental Abundances across Cosmic Times" (9.7)
8.3CambridgeKICC visit
7.20-22onlineInvited talk at BUAA Workshop, Beihang University, "Galactic Chemo-dynamical Evolution" (7.20)
7.11-15WarwickSOC of NAM parallel session: Bridging stellar interactions with galactic chemical evolution, nucleosynthesis and dust
6.27-7.1ValenciaEuropean Astronomical Society Annual Meeting
6.13-16BudapestSOC of Astrophysics with Radioactive Isotopes; talk "The origin of elements and the formation of the Milky Way" (6.15)
5.13MunichInformal talk at galaxy observation group
5.12MunichInvited talk at Munich Joint Astronomy Colloquium
4.12onlineInvited talk at PECS conference, University of Hertfordshire
4.4-15HongoFoPM seminar talk on 4.13 at Hongo Campus
4.4-15Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
3.22-24PFS meeting
3.21-25Sesto Invited talk at I2I: linking galaxy physics from ISM to IGM scales, "chemical evolution through cosmic time" (3.23)
1.30onlinePublic Lecture 日本語版2022年カレンダー「宇宙核物理を築いた女性研究者たち」出版記念トークイベント 宇宙核物理から広がる世界
1.24-27Quasar and Galaxies through Cosmic Time
1.11-13Subaru User's Meeting
12.23-1.23Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher; seminar talk on 1.19
12.13-16onlineSOC of virtual annual meeting of BRIDGCE network
11.20onlinePublic Lecture 宇核連企画 朝日カルチャー公開講座で講演
11.11onlineInvited Lecture at II NAT - Lectures on Astrophysics. When Theory & Simulations Meet the Data, "Chemodynamical evolution of galaxies"
11.10AmsterdamInvited colloquium talk at University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands
11.9onlineInvited talk at 国立天文台将来シンポジウム, "Nucleosynthesis: the origin of elements, Milky Way, & distant galaxies"
11.8Live interview at BBC Look East
11.4Nature Astronomy paper on fluorine in a distant galaxy published, Press Release
11.2-5RingbergXXth Nuclear Astrophysics Workshop on Ringberg Castle, "The origin of elements and the mystery of gold" (11.4)
11.1-5LeuvenInvited Talk at IAU Symposium 366: The Origin of Outflows in Evolved Stars, "The role of mass loss in chemodynamical evolution of galaxies" (11.2 online)
10.18-22HRMOS Science Workshop (hybrid)
10.18onlineTalk at Astro3D First Stars team meeting
10.4-22onlineTalk at INT Program 21-3 Radionuclides: Nuclear Physics, Astrophysical Models, and Observations, "Testing r-Process Yields with Galactic Chemical Evolution" (10.14)
10.8onlineTalk at institute lunch seminar
10.1onlineInvited colloquium talk at Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago de Chile
10Leverhulme Research Fellow for "Birth of elements" until Sep. 2023
9.28-29PFS meeting
9.23DiRAC-3 Launch Day 2021
9.21-25ChengduInternational Advisory Committee & Invited Talk at Nuclei in the Cosmos NIC-XVI, "Galactic archaeology and the mystery of gold" (9.25 online)
9.8-10LisbonChETEC meeting (hybrid)
8.1 Promoted to Professor of Astrphysics
7.28online Invited to Seminar series in British Columbia, Canada (UBC, UVic, SFU, HAA)
7.26-30Melbourne Talk at Nuclear burning in massive stars: towards the formation of binary black holes, "Galactic chemical evolution & the origin of the elements" (7.26 online)
7.18-23Bath SOC of NAM parallel session: Unveiling cosmic chemical evolution: the role of transients, the origin of elements, and galaxy evolution
7.14-15Virtual workshop on (α,n) reactions for astrophysics
7.8Nature paper on magnetorotational hypernovae published, Press Release
6.28-7.2online Panel speaker at Career Event (6.28), ESA European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting
6.24 TV NHK BS「コズミックフロント」出演 (7.30再放送)
6.22-24Sydney Invited talk at 2021 GALAH Science Meeting, "Chemodynamical Simulations of Milky Way: the bimodality in other elements" (6.24 online)
6.21-23online Short talk at Astro3D MAGPI busy week (6.21)
6.16online Invited colloquium talk, Universiy of Barcelona, Spain
6.14online Invited colloquium talk, Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul / Universidade Cidade de São Paulo, Brazil
6.3online Representative stakeholder at Astro3D mid-term review panel
5.24-28ESO Chemical Abundances in Gaseous Nebulae: from the Milky Way to the Early Universe
5.17-20STScI Multi-object Spectroscopy for Statistical Measures of Galaxy Evolution
4.17online Public Talk 科学技術館 科学ライブショー「ユニバース」オンライン上演会にゲスト出演
4.12-16ESO/Chile Extragalactic Spectroscopic Surveys: Past, Present and Future of Galaxy Evolution
3.29-30KITP Conference: White Dwarfs from Physics to Astrophysics
3.9-12Prime Focus Spectrograph 12th collaboration meeting
3.2-4Cool Stars 20.5
2.19onlineTalk at institute lunch seminar
2.3-5onlineTalk at Science with UV-efficient ground-based spectrographs, "The origin of elements: the need for UV spectra" (2.3)
1.21Podcast: Bilingual News (recorded on 11.21)
1.11-15onlineInvited Lecture at UKRI STFC Introductory Course for new Astronomy Research Students 2020/21, "Open questions on galaxy formation and evolution" (1.14)
12.14-17onlineSOC of virtual annual meeting of BRIDGCE network, talk "Introduction of Chemical Evolution of Galaxies (theoretical)" (12.17)
12.10onlineInvited colloquium talk at University of Turku, Finland
12.1-4onlineJINA Horizons workshop
WollongongInvited Talk at Confenrece: Linking the Galactic and Extragalactic (12.3 online), in-person POSTPONED to 2022 (missed)
11.13onlineInvited Talk at Virtual RAS meeting "Progress in Astrophysics with Type-Ia Supernovae"
10.15onlineInvited colloquium talk at Uppsala University, Sweden
10.6Podcast: The Cosmic Companion (recorded on 9.25)
10.5-9onlineSTScI Galaxy Formation and Evolution in the Era of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope
10.5-10LeuvenInvited talk at IAU Symposium 366: The Origin of Outflows in Evolved Stars - POSTPONED to 2021 ONLINE
10.8onlineInvited colloquium talk at Armagh Observatory, Northern Ireland
10.5onlineTalk at stellar group in Cambridge
10.2onlineInvited colloquium talk at IReNA
9.21-25ChengduInternational Advisory Committee of Nuclei in the Cosmos NIC-XVI - POSTPONED to 2021 ONLINE
9.21-24PerthInvited to KCF@80 - POSTPONED to 2022 (missed due to clash)
9.14-18Sao PauloInvited to XLIV Annual Meeting of the Brazilian Astronomical Society - CANCELLED
9.14onlineInvited Talk at virtual conference in Japan 新学術領域「星惑星形成」A01班
9.8-10onlineKICC Epoch of Galaxy Quenching 2020
9.2-4SplitChETEC meeting
8.10new GCE paper accepted ADS, 33 pages, 40 figures. Press Release
7.24-8.9TokyoOlympic - POSTPONED to 2021
7.24onlineinstitute lunch seminar talk
6.29-7.3onlineEAS annual meeting
6.8-11BudapestSOC of Astrophysics with Radioactive Isotopes - POSTPONED to 2022
6.5onlineASTRO-3D Virtual Science Meeting
5.24-30Crete, GreeceInvited to Alvio@80 - POSTPONED to 2022
5.6-11Budapestvisiting - CANCELLED
4.25new SNIa paper accepted ADS, 20 pages, 26 figures. Press Release
4.23onlinetalk galaxy group in Cambridge
4.19-24RingbergInvited Talk at Computational Galaxy Formation 2020 - CANCELLED
3.31HertsEnd of sabbatical
3.19ArmaghSeminar talk at Armagh Observatory - ONLINE in Oct
3.10-17CambridgeKICC Visitor
3.2-6Concepcion, ChileSOC of The First Stars VI, talk "State-of-the-art chemodynamical simulations: The Origin of Elements and their Evolution in Galaxies" (3.3)
2.19TriestePhD examinar
2.18TriesteInvited colloquium talk at University of Trieste, Italy
2.14LondonInvited talk at RAS meeting: Galactic Disc and Halo Dynamics towards Gaia EDR "Chemodynamical simulations of a Milky Way type galaxy - the roles of migration & inhomogeneous enrichment"
2.12MelbourneColloquium talk at Monash University
2.5MelbourneSeminar talk at University of Melbourne
2.1-13MelbourneMonash Visitor
1.30CanberraColloquium talk at RSAA
1.20-24KashiwaInvited to IPMU workshop: Astrophysics of LIGO/Virgo sources in O3 era (1.21)
1.14-17KashiwaInvited Talk at IPMU workshop: Berleley Week, "The Origin of Elements" (1.16)
12.11CanberraShort talk at GASP meeting
12.9-13CanberraTalk at GALAH busy week, "Migration in chemodynamical simulations of Milky Way" (12.11)
12.6MelbourneSeminar talk at Swinbrune University
12.2-4MelbourneTalk at Stars Conference at Monash University, "The Origin of Elements" (12.3)
11.23-12.7MelbourneMonash Visitor
11.18-22Hunter ValleyInvited Talk at Apples to oranges: confronting simulations with observations from pc to Mpc scale Astro3D Writing Retreat
11.15SydneySeminar talk at University of Sydney
11.11-14BallaratInvited to Astro3D retreat
11.12-15TokyoSOC of IAU Symposium 358: Astronomy for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion - a roadmap to action within the framework of IAU centennial anniversary (not attended)
11.1-20.2.1CanberraSabbatical to be RSAA Distinguished Visitor
10.16NottinghamInvited colloquium talk at University of Nottingham
10.7CambridgeShort talk at stellar group meeting
10.3CambridgeShort talk at galaxy group meeting
10.1-9CambridgeKICC (Kavli Institute for Cosmology Cambridge) Visitor, multiple visits until Oct 2021
9.23-27Serralunga d'Alba, ItalyInvited Talk at p-process workshop 2019, "State-of-the-art of chemical evolution modelling for the origins of elements" (9.25)
9.18WarwickInvited Talk at workshop: The Importance of Binaries, "Open Questions in Chemical Evolution"
9.9-13Geneva, SwitzerlandCancelled - Invited Talk at CEMP Stars as Probes of First-Star Nucleosynthesis, the IMF, and Galactic Assembly (9.13)
9.10-12Saint-Petersburg, RussiaInvited Talk at The Periodic Table Through Space and Time, the XXI Jubilee Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry, "The Origin of Elements and Their Evolution in Galaxies" (9.12)
8.5-9Lijiang, ChinaSOC & Invited talk at Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae, "Constraining SNIa progenitors from galactic chemical evolution" (8.9)
8.1Promoted to Reader in Astrophysics (equivalent to Associate Professor)
7.22-26HertsPostdoc visiting
7.16-18BarcelonaTalk at WEAVE Galactic Archaeology Science Team Meeting, "Mn, Ni, Ba, Eu in the Milky Way and Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies" (7.16)
7.2-5KyotoInvited Talk at The 15th International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies, "State-of-the-art of chemodynamical simulations: The origin of elements and their evolution in galaxies" (7.5)
7.1-2LancasterSOC & Invited talk at NAM parallel session: Bridging the Disciplines of Galactic and Extragalactic Archaeology, "Chemodynamical simulations of the Milky Way, early-type galaxies, and high-redshift star-forming galaxies" (7.2); also talk "Stellar origin of SMBHs in cosmological simulations" (7.1)
6.3-7Viana do Castelo, PortugalIAU Symposium 352, Uncovering early galaxy evolution in the ALMA and JWST era
5.6-10LeidenSOC of Lorentz Center workshop: Metals in galaxies, near and far
3.26-28OxfordOxford Gaia Sprint 2019
3.18-19HertsNew postdoc visiting
3.4-8Aspen, USCancelled - Invited Talk at Aspen Winter Conference Into The Starlight:The End Of The Cosmic Dark Ages
2.8MunichInvited Talk at Nucleosynthesis for a Life - A symposium in honour of R. Diehl, "Chemical Enrichment of the Universe"
1.21OxfordInvited colloquium talk at Oxford Astrophysics
1.17-18HertsInvited Lecture at GRADnet Workshop, The Interface between Observation and Theory in Astrophysics, "Interpreting the Universe both near and far with cosmological simulations" (1.18)
12.27-1.15Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
12.3-7KashiwaInvited talk at IPMU workshop: Stellar Archaeology as a Time Machine to the First Stars, "Galactic and cosmic chemical evolution from Carbon to Uranium" (12.7)
11.30Heidelberg COST ChETEC workshop
11.26-29Heidelberg Talk at Chemical Evolution and Nucleosynthesis across the Galaxy, "Galactic chemical evolution of neutron capture elements" (11.28)
11.5-9Barossa ValleyCancelled - Invited to workshop: Gas Fuelling of Galaxy Structures Across Cosmic Time
9.20-21HullInvited review at BRIDGCE network meeting, "Overview: Galactic Chemical Evolution" (9.20)
8.20-23ViennaIAU General Assembly. Invited talk at S343, Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars, "The role of AGB stars in Galactic and cosmic chemical enrichment" (8.23). Talk at FM11, JWST: Launch, Commissioning, and Cycle 1 Science, "Elemental Abundances at Cosmic Time" (8.21)
7.17-8.1Munichvisiting MPA, seminar talk at stellar group (7.25)
7.11-12OxfordPlanets, Stars and Discs: A Golden Age for Particle and Gas Dynamics
7.5-6OxfordRudolf Peierls Symposium on Theoretical Physics
6.29Herts Talk at Annual Learning and Teaching conference, "Replicating traditional paper based multiple choice testing with Canvas quiz functionality"
6.25-29Gran SassoPoster "Scientists Who Made Nuclear Astrophysics" at 15th International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos NIC-XV
6.19-20OxfordWetton Workshop, Planning for Surprises - Data Driven Discovery in the era of Large Data
5.26-6.1ShanghaiSOC & invited to TDLI Workshop on The Exploding Universe (not attended)
4.9-13, 30-5.4MunichMIAPP workshop: The Interstellar Medium of High Redshift Galaxies
3.28-4.5Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
3.14-16Vilnius, LithuaniaCOST ChETEC WG3 workshop
2.15GuildfordInvited colloquium talk at University of Surrey
2.5-9LeidenLorentz Center workshop: Observational Signatures of Type Ia Supernova Progenitors III, talk (2.7)
12.12PortsmouthPhD examinar
11.20-24PratoInvited talk at Titans of the Early Universe, "Constraints from chemical evolution" (11.23)
11.13-17MelbourneInvited review at A Celebration of CEMP and Gala of GALAH, "Galactic Chemical Evolution", "Galactic Chemical Evolution and Chemo-dynamical Simulations" (11.16)
11.10MelbourneColloquium talk at Swinbrune University
11.9CanberraColloquium talk at RSAA
10.9-11KeeleCOST ChETEC meeting
9.18-29KashiwaCo-chair SOC of IPMU conference: Stellar Evolution, Supernova and Nucleosynthesis Across Cosmic Time, talk (9.29)
9.5-6EdinburghSOC of BRIDGCE network meeting (not attended)
8.28-9.1FlorenceTalk at Challenges in Galaxy Evolution: from black holes to the cosmic web, "Cosmic Chemical Enrichment and AGN-driven metal-enhanced winds" (8.29)
7.24-28MunichTalk at The galaxy ecosystem. Flow of baryons through galaxies, "Enrichment and ejection of gas in cosmological simulations" (7.26)
7.21CambridgeCollaborative visit
7.4HullSOC and invited talk at NAM parallel session: Galactic Chemical Evolution, Stars, and the Creation of Elements in the Big-Data Era (attended via Skype), "Galactic Chemical Evolution Modelling"
6.26HertsLSST UK Milky Way meeting
6.19CambridgeCollaborative meeting
6USPanel meeting
5.15-26MunichMIAPP workshop: Superluminous Supernovae in the Next Decade, talk "Super-luminous Supernovae in galactic chemical evolution" (5.18)
4.18RomeInvited colloquium talk at INAF, Italy
3.27-31RomeSOC of conference on The AGB-Supernovae Mass Transition (not attended)
3.14OxfordThe Physics of Fine-Tuning workshop
3.13-17Galapagos Cancelled - Talk at Galaxy Halo Conference
2.3-6Tokyo100th birthday of grandmother
12.19-1.13Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
12.8Nature News & Views "Elemental abundances across cosmic time" published
12.8SussexInvited colloquium talk at University of Sussex
11.18-29CanberraTalk at Galactic Archaeology and Stellar Physics conference, "Going into the details - Galactic Chemical Evolution with new supernova models, neutron capture elements, etc." (11.25)
11.4-10Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
10.24-28VeniceTalk at Galaxy Life Cycle, "Metal flows as the key factor of galaxy life-cycle" (10.25)
9.29-10.1BaselInvited talk at Brainstorming on Compact objects, their equation of state, related explosive events, and their nucleosynthesis, "Constraints from galactic chemical evolution" (9.30)
9.19-21Porto Alegre, BrazilInvited Lecture course at Precision Spectroscopy 2016, Day 1. Nucleosynthesis of massive stars and supernovae, Day 2. Chemical evolution of the Milky Way, Day 3. Cosmic chemical evolution
9.16Sao PaoloInvited colloquium talk at University of Sao Paolo, Brazil
9.8OxfordThe Physics of Fine-Tuning workshop
9.7KeeleInvited talk at BRIDGCE network meeting, ``Galactic Chemical Evolution overview''
8.21-9.2MunichMIAPP workshop: The Physics of Supernovae, review talk "Type Ia supernovae and Galactic Chemical Evolution" (9.2)
7.30-8.6HeidelbergSOC of The First Stars conference
7.8-14Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
6.25-30Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher, talk on 6.28
6.13-16Heidelbergvisiting LSW, seminar talk on 6.14, short talk on 6.15
5.26-6.3Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
4.29-5.5Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
3.26-4.2Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
2.1-5MelbourneInvited review at EC-SN/Super-AGB star workshop, "Chemical evolution models and chemodynamical simulations for understanding super-AGB stars and various supernovae" (2.5)
1.20-21ParisTalk at WEAVE Galactic Archaeology Science Team Meeting, "Two theoretical approaches - Chemodynamical Simulations & Abundance Fitting" (1.20)
12.23-25OsakaInvited talk at 理論懇, "Galactic Archaeology" (12.23)
12.20-1.13Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
12.3BolognaInvited colloquium talk at INAF
11.12BaselInvited colloquium talk at University of Basel, Switzerland
10.15PortsmouthInvited colloquium talk at University of Portsmouth
10.15CambridgeInvited talk at DiRAC Science Day, "Chemodynamical simulations of galaxies"
9.24-25OxfordRAMSES users meeting
9.17-21Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
8.3-14HonoluluIAU General Assembly. Invited talk at FM 10: Stellar Explosions in an Ever-Changing Environment, "Modeling abundances in galaxies" (8.12), and talk at S317: The General Assembly of Galaxy Halos: Structure, Origin and Evolution, "Inhomogeneous chemical enrichment in the Galactic Halo" (8.4)
7.12-22Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
6.29-7.3LeidenTalk at Lorentz Center workshop: The Impact of Massive Binaries Throughout the Universe, "Cosmic feedback from binaries: hypernovae and Type Ia supernovae" (7.2)
6.22-24LiverpoolTalk at Fireworks meeting, "Subclasses of Type Ia Supernovae as the origin of [alpha/Fe] ratios in dwarf spheroidal galaxies" (6.23)
6.10OxfordSPI-MAX seminar talk
6.1-5North CarolinaSOC of Fifty-One Erg Supernova Conference (not attended)
5.25-29VictoriaInvited review at GNASH workshop: The anomalous metal-poor stars and convective-reactive nuclear astrophysics, "Setting the stage: Galactic chemical evolution" (5.26)
5.18-22YorkTalk at 7th Nuclear Physics in Astrophysics Conference, "Subclasses of Type Ia Supernovae as the origin of [alpha/Fe] ratios in dwarf spheroidal galaxies" (5.19)
5.13TriesteInvited colloquium talk at Univ. of Trieste, Italy
4.17-19OxfordPublic Lecture at Oxford University Department for Continuing Education on "Galaxies and Cosmic Evolution"
4.13-14Oxford2nd Wetton Workshop, Realising the Astronomy of the Future: Simulating the Universe
3.31HertsEnd of sabbatical
3.31Iax paper accepted astro-ph/1503.06739
3.26MelbourneColloquium talk at University of Melbourne
3.20SydneyColloquium talk at University of Sydney
3.10PerthColloquium talk at UWA
3.4MelbourneColloquium talk at Swinburne University
2.27CanberraFoF seminar talk at RSAA
2.9-12Sydneytalk at AAO conference Massive Galaxies and their Precursors, "Massive galaxies in cosmological simulations with a new AGN model" (2.12)
1.15SydneyColloquium talk at AAO
1.2-8Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
12.31-1.1SydneyNew year
12.12,15Canberratalk at Mini-workshop on Theoretical aspects of AGN Feedback, "Importance of AGN feedback in galaxy formation" (12.12)
12.2Melbournetalk at SAMI meeting, "Metallicity Gradients in Chemodynamical Simulations"
11.15-20Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
11.5CanberraColloquium talk at RSAA
11.4-12.16CanberraPhD student visiting
10.8-15.4.7CanberraSabbatical to be RSAA Distinguished Visitor
9.15-19Chicagoinvited talk at Type Ia Supernovae: progenitors, explosions, and cosmology, "Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae and Chemical Evolution of Galaxies" (9.18)
9.11-12Lundseminar talk at Lund Observatory (9.11)
9.1-5Ulaanbaatar, Mongoliainvited talk at Binary systems, their evolution and environments, "The role of binaries in the chemical evolution of galaxies" (9.2)
7.21-25Oxfordconference "Galaxy Masses as Constraints of Formation Models"
7.7-11Debreceninvited talk at NIC XIII conference, "Inhomogeneous enrichment in chemodynamical simulations of galaxies" (7.10)
7.4-7Marseillesseminar talk at Laboratoire d'Astrophysique de Marseille (LAM) (7.4)
5.24-6.2Palm Covetalk at Overcoming Great Barriers in Galactic Archaeology 2, "On the Origin of variation in elemental abundance ratios" (5.27)
5.15-19Heidelbergseminar talk at ZAH, University of Heidelberg (5.15)
4.5-21KashiwaEaster holiday, visiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
3.14Londontalk at Royal Astronomical Society meeting: Supernovae in near and far, "The role of supernovae on chemical evolution of galaxies"
3.7EMP paper accepted astro-ph/1403.1796
2.26-27Armaghseminar talk at Armagh Observatory (2.27)
2.17-20Munichvisiting MPA, talk at cosmology seminar (2.18)
2.14LondonRoyal Astronomical Society meeting: Nucleosynthesis - Origins and Impacts
1.30-31Cambridgeseminar talk at IoA (1.30)
1.24Hertslunch seminar talk
1.23Dorkingseminar talk at MSSL
12.27-1.19KashiwaNY holiday, visiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
12.16-19Parisseminar talk at Observatoire de Paris (12.17)
12.6LondonOrganizing "UK-Japan 150 year anniversary, Science, Technology and Innovation Symposium - Astronomy & Space Science", Embassy of Japan
11.27Keeleseminar talk at Keele
10.12-16Kashiwavisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
9.16-20Castiglione della Pescaia, ItalyInvited Talk at Chemical evolution in the Universe: the next 30 years, "From chemical evolution models to chemodynamical simulations" (9.18)
7.14-15Zurichseminar talk (7.15) at ETH
7.8-12Turku, FinlandSOC of special session: Chemo-dynamical Galaxy Evolution at EWASS, talk "Chemodynamical Simulations and Galactic Archaeology" (7.12), and Symposium S11: Gaia Research for European Astronomy Training, talk "Stellar populations in disks and bulge in chemo-hydrodynamical simulations & inhomogeneous enrichment" (7.11)
7.3ARAA published ADS
7.1-5St AndrewsSOC of NAM parallel session: Galaxy Chemistry: From Micro- to Macro-Physics, invited talk "Chemodynamical Simulations of Galaxies" (7.1)
6.27-28OxfordFireworks workshop
6.12-15Barcelona, SpainESF/EuroGenesis Workshop, The Origin of Cosmic Elements - Past and Present Achievements, Future Challenges, talk "Future challenges of Galactic chemical evolution" (6.14)
6.10HertsCAR away day
5.20-24Lijiang, ChinaInvited Review at IAU Symposium 298: Setting the Scene for GAIA and LAMOST, "Chemo-hydro-dynamical models of the Milky Way disks and bulge - successes, shortcoming, and prospects" (5.23)
5.13-17North Carolina, USInvited Talk at F.O.E. Fifty-One Erg conference, "Constraints on supernovae from Chemodynamical simulations of galaxies" (5.16)
4.29-5.2Geneveseminar talk (4.30) at Observatoire de Sauverny
4.17Hertsshort talk at EGG seminar
3.30-4.14KashiwaEaster holiday, visiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
3.23-28MunichInvited Talk at ESF/EuroGenesis Workshop, Observational Constraints on Nucleosynthesis Sources, "Chemo-hydro-dynamical simulations of Milky Way" (3.27)
3.15OxfordDust mini-workshop
3.13-14Liverpoolseminar talk (3.13) at The University of Liverpool
2.26-3.3KashiwaVisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
12.26大岡山Lecture at 東工大
12.18-1.20KashiwaNY holiday, visiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
12.2-3Groningenseminar talk (12.3) at Kapteyn Instituut
11.28-29Belfastseminar talk (11.28) at Queen's University and Public Talk at Irish Astronomical Association
11.21-25Wienseminar talk (11.22) at Univ. of Vienna
11.16-18Kashiwacollaboration at IPMU
11.9Hertslunch seminar talk, Chemodynamical simulations of galaxies - Part 1: Inhomogeneous Enrichment
10.8-10Detroit, USInvited Review at Nuclear Astrophysics Town Meeting, "Galactic Chemical Evolution" (10.9)
9.6HertsInvited Skype Talk at 天の川銀河研究会 @ 鹿児島大学, "銀河系の化学力学進化" (9.6-8)
8.15CanberraSupernova Workshop, talk "SNe and chemical evolution"
8.5-10CairnsLOC Co-chiar of 12th Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos (NIC)
7.29-8.3CanberraInvited Lecture at NIC School "Chemical Evolution" and "Chemodynamical Simulations" (8.3)
7.23-27SydneyInvited Talk at AAO Conference, Galactic Archaeology Surveys: Past, Present and Future, "Theoretical constraints on chemical evolution -Galaxy Formation & Stellar Astrophysics- of the Milky Way" (7.25)
6.25-29ParisSOC&LOC Co-chair of IAP/Subaru Conference: Stellar Populations across Cosmic Times, invited talk "Chemodynamical Simulations of galaxies" (6.29)
6.17-22Spineto, ItalyInvited Talk at Metals in Tuscany 12: Galaxy metallicity through Cosmic Times, "Chemical Evolution in models of galaxy formation -Chemodynamical Simulations of galaxies-" (6.19)
6NagoyaSeminar Talk (6.13) and Lecture "Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis", "Chemical Evolution of Galaxies", and "Chemodynamical Simulations" (6.13-15) at 名大
4.25Birminghamseminar talk at Univ. of Birmingham
4.19-21OxfordFireworks workshop
4KashiwaEaster holiday, visiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
3.19Londonseminar talk at UCL
2.29-3.3BarcelonaInvited Talk at GAIA workshop, "Chemodynamical simulations and stellar yields" (3.2)
1.10HongoColloquium Talk "Galactic Archaeology 2" at Department of Astronomy, Univ. of Tokyo
1.7-13KashiwaVisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
12.6-9Prestonseminar talk (12.7) at University of Central Lancashire
11.14-17WakoInvited Talk at 11th International Symposium, Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies, "Inhomogeneous Chemical Enrichment of the Universe" (11.15)
11.1-4ShuzenjiInvited Talk at 3rd Subaru International Conference, Galactic Archaeology, "Elemental and isotopic abundances and chemical evolution of galaxies" (11.2)
10.9UKMoved to the UK as Senior Lecturer at University of Hertfordshire
10.1CanberraLast Sushi Party
9.30CanberraTalk at FoF seminar "3.5 years of my life in Australia"
8.21-9.6Aspen, USAspen Workshop: The Galactic Bulge and Bar
8.16CanberraTalk at Stellar Lunch "Chemical enrichment in small systems?"
8.15F paper accepted astro-ph/1108.3030
7.31-8.6Cafayate, Salta, ArgentinaFrenk&White Fest: Galaxies in the Dark, talk "Chemical Enrichment of Galaxies" (8.3)
7.24-27MunichVisiting MPA
7.18-22Durham, UKConference on Galaxy Formation, talk "Chemodynamical simulations of the Milky Way Galaxy" (7.19)
6.29Canberra Public Talk at 日本人会のランチタイムトーク
6.20-24SydneyInvited review at AAO Conference: Supernovae and their Host Galaxies, "chemical enrichment of galaxies from supernovae" (6.21)
6.5-17OxfordVisiting; SPI-MAX seminar talk (6.14)
6.3CanberraNIC LOC meeting
5.26-28Melbournedriving Great Ocean Road
5.3-13ExmouthHoliday: diving in Exmouth
4.13-15Canberra6th Stromlo Symposium on IFU Science in Australia, talk "3D Metallicity Distribution in elliptical and disk galaxies" (4.14)
3.8Hertfordshire, UKSeminar Talk
3.1AGB paper accepted astro-ph/1102.5312
2.26-3.31KashiwaVisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
2.14-15PerthANITA Workshop and diving in Rottnest Island
2.11 TV NHK BS「BSフジ ガリレオX」出演
1.28CanberraTalk at FoF seminar "Chemodynamical simulations of elliptical galaxies - metallicity gradients and the fundamental plane"
1.25-2.22CanberraVisiting PhD Student Natsuko Izutani
1.17 DLA paper accepted astro-ph/1101.1227
1.13SydneyAAO seminar talk "Chemodynamical simulations of elliptical galaxies - metallicity gradients and the fundamental plane"
1.7 DLA paper submitted astro-ph/1101.1227
12-27.27-1.1NSWHoliday: Mildura, Broken Hill, White Cliffs, Dubbo, Sydney
12.23MW paper accepted astro-ph/1012.5144
12.18-19KioloaChristmas Party at Beach
12.4-6SydneyVisiting AAO for collaboration
11.23CanberraTalk at Stellar Lunch "Carbon-enhanced Metal Poor Galaxy"
11.1-3MelbourneLOC of ANNA Workshop, NIC LOC meeting, two talks...
9.26-29SydneyHERMES Meeting
9.15-20MadridInvited talk at H-Metal Workshop (9.16-17), "Yields" (9.16)
9.2Canberra RSAA Colloquium Talk "Galactic Archaeology with Chemodynamical Simulations"
8.27-28SydneyVisiting AAO for collaboration
7.29-30OxfordFMOS meeting
7.19-23Heidelberg11th Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos (NIC)
6.28-7.2ParisIAP Conference: Progenitors and environments of stellar explosions, talk "Progenitors of Type Ia Supernova and Chemodynamical Evolution of Galaxies" (7.2)
6.2-9CairnsMeeting and diving trip to Osprey Reef
5.10-14RingbergInvited talk at The Chemical Enrichment of the Milky Way Galaxy, "Chemodynamical simulations of the Milky Way galaxy" (5.14)
5.3-4MunichAquila meeting
4.28CanberraWiFeS Data Reduction Workshop
4.11-17NamibiaInvited review at Ken Freeman Conference, "Chemo-dynamical simulations of galaxies" (4.15)
3.26CanberraTalk at FoF seminar "State-of-the-art of theoretical astrophysics"
3.24MelbournegSTAR meeting
2.26-3.11OsakaInvited talk at 10th International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of the Galaxies (3.8-10), "Chemo-dynamical Simulations and Galactic Archaeology" (3.8), visiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
2.25SydneyHERMES meeting at AAO
1.25-31Christchurch, New Zealand10th Torino Workshop on AGB Nucleosynthesis: from Rutherford to Beatrice Tinsley and Beyond, talk "Chemo-dynamical simulations of galaxies" (1.25)
1.21-24MelbourneLecture at Monash Summer School (1.22)
1.14-17SydneyCommittee and opera
1.13CanberraLecture at Stromlo Summer School
12.26-1.5NTHoliday: Adelaide, Alice Springs, Katherine, Darwin, Ayers Rock
12.22-23KioloaChristmas Party at Beach
11.23-12.6KashiwaVisiting IPMU as Appointed Researcher
11.20-22CairnsDiving in GBR
10.30 SNIa paper accepted astro-ph/0801.0215
10.16-11.3Malta Conference: Hunting for the dark, talk "Variable IMF" (10.20)
9.17-18Melbourne gSTAR Meeting
9.8-9Sydney Driving and opera
8.31Canberra GMTIFS meeting
8.24-25CanberraLOC of ANNA Conference: Nuclear Astrophysics in Australia, talk "Chemodynamical evolution of Galaxies and the Universe" (8.24)
8.15-21PeruHoliday: Benos Ares, Rio de Janeiro, Lima, Nazca Lines, Cuzco, Machu Pichu, Santiago
8.10-14BrazilSOC & Invited talk of Symposium "Chemical Abundances in the Universe: Connecting first stars to Planets" at IAU General Assembly on "Chemo-dynamical simulations of galaxies" (8.14)
8.6-7BrazilSOC & Invited talk of Joint Discussion "Hot Interstellar Matter in Elliptical Galaxies" at IAU General Assembly on "Numerical Simulations of Elliptical Galaxies" (8.6)
7.28Canberra Talk at Galaxy Lunch
7.8Canberra WiFeS group meeting
7.3Oxford High-z galaxy Seminar Talk (7.3)
6.22-23Oxford FMOS Meeting
6.11-7.3Munich Visiting MPA; SAGA Seminar Talk (7.1)
5.18-21KyotoJoint Subaru/Gemini Science Conference, talk "Galactic Archaeology and chemodynamical simulations" (5.19)
5.10-12CairnsDiving in GBR
5.5-8Palm CoveInvited talk at AAO Conference: Overcoming Great Barriers in Galactic Archaeology, "Chemodynamical simulations of the Milky Way Galaxy" (5.5)
4.29-5.1Canberra Visiting PhD Student Max Spolaor
4.5-14BrisbaneHoliday: Hervey bay, Fraser Island, Brisbane, Gold Coast
4.4Canberra Sushi Party
3.31Canberra Talk at Stellar Lunch "The chemical evolution with Amanda's AGB yields"
3.15Jervis Bay Driving
3.13-14Canberra ANITA workshop
3.2-8Melbourne Colloquium Talk at Monash University (3.3)
2.5-21CanberraVisitor Dr Ryuichi Takahashi
1.18-31CanberraVisiting PhD Student Max Spolaor
12.19Mitaka Seminar Talk at Galaxyshop, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan
12.18Hongo Colloquium Talk at Astronomy Department, Univ. of Tokyo
12.15-17Mitaka Rironkon Symposium & CfCA Users Meeting
12.14Hongo Public Talk at Science Cafe, Univ. of Tokyo (12.14)
12.7Batemans Bay Driving
11.14SydneyGMT Meeting at Sydney Uni
10.15-11.6CanberraVisitor Dr. Nozomu Tominaga
9.12-18Sydney Colloquium Talk at University of Sydney (9.15) and HERMES meeting (9.15,16,18) 初 Sydney Opera (9.13)
9.3-9Tucson, US WFMOS Team Meeting (9.4-5)
8.26Canberra Talk at Galaxy Lunch
8.24Sydney Driving to Sydney 母と祖母がきてたので
8.20-21Sydney HERMES Meeting at AAO (8.21)
8.13-19Tasmania Holiday: Hobert, Port Arthur, Cradle Mountain, The Nut, Freycinet
7.27-8.1Mackinac Island, Michigan, USA Invited talk at 10th Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos (NIC), "Chemodynamical Simulations of Galaxies and the Universe" (7.31)
7.21-25Munich, Germany MPA/ESO/MPE/USM Conference: Chemical Evolution of Dwarf Galaxies and Stellar Clusters, talk "Chemical Evolution with New Nucleosynthesis Yields and Type Ia Supernova Rates" (7.24)
7.6-10Perth Invited talk at Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) of the Astronomical Society of Australia (ASA), "Simulations of Cosmic Chemical Enrichment" (7.1)
6.30-7.2Melbourne Colloquium Talk at Swinburne University (7.1)
6.15-20Katoomba AAO Conference, Merging Black Holes in Galaxies: Galaxy Evolution, AGN and Gravitational Waves, talk "Chemodynamical simulations of elliptical galaxies" (6.17)
6.9-13Copenhagen, Denmark IAU Symposium 254 The Galaxy Disk in Cosmological Context, talk "Chemodynamical simulations of the Milky Way Galaxy" (6.12)
5.24-28Honolulu, Hawaii Seminar Talk at Univ. of Hawaii (5.27)
5.19-21Waikoloa, Hawaii Conference: Cosmology Near and Far: Science with WFMOS, talk "Chemodynamical Simulation of the Milky Way Galaxy for Galactic Archaeology" (5.19)
5.16Canberra Warm-up Party
5.15Canberra RSAA Colloquium Talk "Elemental Abundances in the Universe"
4.20-21Sydney Driving to Sydney
4.3Canberra, AustraliaMoved to Mt. Stromlo Observatory (MSO), The Australian National University (ANU) as Stromlo Fellow (5 years)
3.24-27代々木 日本天文学会にて発表。R41a「化学力学進化シミュレーションによる宇宙の超新星・ガンマ線バースト頻度史」(3.27) A26c「化学力学進化シミュレーションによる楕円銀河の形成説」
3.21-22本郷 宇宙構造形成の理論研究とその進展
3.18本郷 観測的宇宙論ゼミで発表
3.11-12 IPMU Opening Symposium
3.6京都 基礎物理学研究所でセミナー発表
2.26名古屋 名大AT研でセミナー発表
2.14 天文月報3月号「銀河の化学力学進化シミュレーション」完成
2.13-15三鷹 招待講演 at 銀河形成研究の最前線:『自称』若手研究者のビジョン「銀河の化学力学進化シミュレーション」(2.14)
2.4三鷹 NAOJ/IoA/PU workshop
1.31三鷹 すばるユーザーズミーティング
1.21-23大岡山 ガンマ線バーストで読み解く太古の宇宙「ガンマ線バースト頻度史とホスト銀河の性質」(1.23)
1.17CanberraRSAA Colloquiumで発表「Supernova Feedback and Chemodynamical Simulations of Galaxies」
1.16三鷹 理論部 コロキウム 発表、どうしよう…
1.14SydneyAAO Colloquiumで発表
1.8-22Cairns 論文投稿した勢いで、休暇&出張でオーストラリア。GBRダイビング!
1.7-8三鷹 理論部、引越
12.25-27京都 理論天文学宇宙物理学懇談会にて発表「化学組成に関する未解決問題」(12.26)
12.11-15葉山 すばる国際会議にてポスター発表「Simulations of Cosmic Chemical Enrichment」
11.22三鷹 HDS セミナー 発表「Ia型超新星の新モデルと銀河系の化学進化」
11.9-11箱根 クェーサー吸収線研究会「クェーサー吸収線系の化学組成」(11.10)
10.24 集録「Chemodynamical Evolution of Galaxies with Hypernovae」in IAU Symposium 245: Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Bulges
10.21渋谷 LA-PPISCH復活ライブ!
10.18三鷹 天文センター 談話会 発表「Ia型超新星の新モデルと宇宙の超新星頻度史」
10.10-11野辺山 Extended Galshop 発表「化学力学進化シミュレーションによる遠方銀河の姿、とくに化学組成」(10.11)
9.29-30伊勢 研究会暗黒物質と銀河構造「銀河のinitial mass function: MACHO=白色矮星はあり得るか?」(9.29)
9.26-28岐阜 日本天文学会。トーク申し込み損ねた。冨永くんの代理発表(9.28)。
9.26 岩波講座 物理の世界「元素はいかにつくられたか−超新星爆発と宇宙の化学進化−」野本憲一編, 第8章執筆
9.20-21本郷 SNIa Workshop with REで発表(9.21)
9.19-20三鷹 アストロメトリ研究会
9.12三鷹 TMT装置検討会
9.9駒場 劇団BISHOP同窓会
8.17Munichhigh energy seminarで発表
7.16-20Oxford IAU Symposium 245: Formation and Evolution of Galaxy Bulges にて発表(7.16)「Chemodynamical Evolution of Galaxies with Hypernovae」
6.13CambridgeLunch Seminarで発表
6.7OxfordGalaxy Evolution Seminarで発表
6.6OxfordStellar Coffeeで発表
5.18三鷹Hyper Suprime Cam 研究会でなんか座長やらされた…
3.4-25Santa BarbaraKITP Program: Accretion and Explosion: the Astrophysics of Degenerate Stars で滞在。 Paths to Exploding Stars: Accretion and Eruption にてポスター発表(3.19-23)「Type Ia Progenitors, Elemental Abundances Ratios, and Cosmic Supernova Rate History」
2.7-9本郷International Symposium on Neutrino Processes and Stellar Evolution
2.1-3本郷超新星を舞台とする高エネルギー物理現象 で発表(2.2)「宇宙の化学力学進化シミュレーションによるGRB頻度史」
1.27 論文受理「Simulations of Cosmic Chemical Enrichment」MNRAS, in press, astro-ph/0604107
1.16-18京都GRBの新しいフロンティア で発表(1.16)「宇宙の化学力学進化シミュレーションによるGRB頻度史」
12.21三鷹宇宙論セミナーで発表、HN yield
12.4-8京都The Extreme Universe in the Suzaku Eraでポスター発表「Type Ia Progenitors, Elemental Abundances Ratios」
11.23 集録「GRAPE-SPH Simulations of Galaxies: form Ellipticals to Milky Way Galaxy」in 石垣島研究会
11.20 集録「Simulations of Cosmic Chemical Enrichment with Hypernova」Proceedings of the CRAL-Conference Series I "Chemodynamics: from first stars to local galaxies", eds. Emsellem et al.
11.9-10本郷Cosmology with wide-field photometric and spectroscopic galaxy surveys
11.1 集録「Simulations of Cosmic Chemical Enrichment」in IAU Symposium 235
9.26名古屋 名古屋大学 物理学教室 理論天体物理学研究室で発表。銀河および宇宙の化学力学進化。
8.31 論文受理「Galactic chemical evolution: Carbon through Zinc」ApJ, in press, astro-ph/0608688
8.14-18Prague, Czech IAU General Assembly, S235 Galaxy Evolution across the Hubble Timeで発表(8.16)「Simulations of Cosmic Chemical Enrichment: Hypernova Feedback, Galactic Winds, and Mass-Metallicity Relations」
8.6-11Munich MPA/ESO/MPE/USM Joint Astronomy Conference, Heating vs. Cooling in Galaxies and Clusters of Galaxies
7.26Munich University Observatory Munich, Burkert's group にてセミナーで発表「Chemodynamical Simulations of Elliptical Galaxies」
7.10-14Lyon, France CHEMODYNAMICS from first stars to local galaxies...で発表(7.13)「Simulations of Cosmic Chemical Enrichment with Hypernova」
6.26-30石垣 Mapping the Galaxy and Nearby Galaxiesでポスター発表「GRAPE-SPH simulations of galaxies: from Ellipticals to Milky Way Galaxy」
6.21三鷹理論部 コロキウムで発表。
6.17北の丸 Public Talk 科学技術館「ユニバース」でゲスト・トーク。
5.26-27三鷹Korea-Japan Workshop on GCSで発表(4.27)。「Metallicity Distribution Functions」
5.24筑波筑波大学 宇宙理論研究室で発表。
4.21京都京都大学 宇宙物理学教室で発表。
4.19大阪大阪大学 宇宙地球科学専攻で発表。
2.14三鷹Galaxy Workshop with AR で発表。
2.9 集録「Cosmological simulation with Hypernova Feedback」in WIHM研究会
1.6-16ハワイすばる望遠鏡観測のため出張。Subaru seminar にて発表(1.13)。
12.9三鷹国立天文台 談話会で発表。
12.8三鷹光赤外 HDS seminar で発表。Hypernova nucleosynthesis の話。
11.30三鷹光赤外 有本研 Galaxy Workshop で発表。
11.21-22三鷹理論部 中間発表会で発表(11.22)。
11.8-11本郷International Symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies (OMEG05) で発表(11.9)。「Galactic and Cosmic Chemical Evolution with Hypernovae」
11.1本郷天文教室 談話会で発表。
10.20三鷹理論部 宇宙論セミナーで発表。
10.10-12葉山Workshop on Measuring the Diffuse Intergalactic Medium で発表(10.11)。「Cosmological simulation with Hypernova Feedback」
9.30三鷹3年半のドイツ生活を終え、帰国。学振研究員として国立天文台 理論研究部に移動。
9.27MunichLast Sushi Party
9.26MunichInstitute Seminar にて発表。「Simulating the Cosmic Chemical Enrichment」
9.1-5Wien オペラ見つつ小旅行。
8.22-26Munich MPA/ESO/MPE/USM Joint Astronomy Conference, Open Questions in Cosmology: the First Billion Years。
8.17-18Munich ESO DLA Workshop にて発表(8.17)。
8.14Schwangau Neuschwanstein 城に遠足、四度目。
8.8 集録「Galactic and Cosmic Chemical Evolution with Hypernovae」in IAU Symposium 228
7.25-8.1Swiss 母とスイス旅行。
7.20Munich MPE Bender's group にてセミナー発表。
7.18-22Regensburg Japanese-German Symposium 2005, The Formation and Co-Evolution of Black Holes and Galaxies にて発表(7.18)。「Supernova Feedback and Galaxy Formation」
7.6-10Copenhagen 出張。
6.26-7.1Ringberg MPA Workshop, From Simulations to Surveys にて発表(7.1)。「Simulating the Cosmic Chemical Enrichment」
5.31-6.11Trieste Conference on Computational Cosmology にてポスター発表。「Supernova Feedback and Cosmic Chemical Enrichment」 Trieste 大学でセミナー発表(6.8)。
5.31 論文受理「GRAPE-SPH Chemodynamical Simulation of Elliptical Galaxies II: Scaling Relations and the Fundamental Plane」Kobayashi 2004, MNRAS
5.22-28Paris IAU Symposium 228, From Lithium to Uranium: Elemental Tracers of Early Cosmic Evolution にて発表(5.25)。「Galactic and Cosmic Chemical Evolution with Hypernovae」
5.13-16Firenze 同僚の結婚式のため。
5.7Noerdlingen Noerdlingen に遠足。
4.23-25Dresden ゲーテ街道走破し、ドレスデンに小旅行。
3.25-26Bamberg 古都バンベルクに小旅行。
3.21Munich 逆流事件、二度目。
3.15Munich Cosmology Seminar にて発表。「Simulating the Cosmic Chemical Enrichment」
2.14-21Egypt 二度目の紅海ダイビング旅行。
1.5Salzburg Salzburg に遠足、二度目。
11.20Augsburg 南ドイツを遊覧飛行。
10.30-31Regensburg レーゲンスブルクとニュルンベルクで教会巡り。近隣の町は征覇したー。
10.23Munich Birthday Sushi Party 開催。
9.21-23盛岡 日本天文学会にて発表。
R16b「楕円銀河のScaling RelationsとFundamental Plane」(9.21)
9.18Stanberg 同僚の結婚式。
9.11-16Leiden, Holland RTN annual meeting, Physics of the Intergalactic Medium
8.19-26Egypt ついに念願の紅海ダイビング旅行。
7.10-8.1東京 夏休み帰国して、劇団BISHOP復活公演「時空寺」の制作。
7.6Munich 逆流事件。
7.2-3Rotenburg 友人がきてロマンチック街道を走破。
6.18-20Heidelberg 友人とハイデルベルグで城観光。
5.18Munich Cosmology Seminar にて発表。論文紹介。
3.12-13Stubaier オーストリアで氷河スキー。
2.24Munich Fashing で仮装。
1.27  集録「Chemodynamical Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies: Metallicity Gradients and Scaling Relations」in the proceedings of GCD-V
1.11Prien Herrenchiemsee に遠足。
12.25Munich Christmas SUKIYAKI Party 開催。
11.21-29東京 親友の結婚式のため。
11.11Munich ESO Lunch Talk にて発表「Chemodynamical Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies and the Origin of Metallicity Gradients」
10.27Munich Institute Seminar にて発表「Type Ia Supernova Progenitors and Elemental Abundance Ratios」
10.25Munich Birthday Sushi Party 開催。
10.6-10Munich MPA/ESO/MPE conference, Stellar populations 2003。
10.3 論文受理「GRAPE-SPH Chemodynamical Simulation of Elliptical Galaxies I: Evolution of Metallicity Gradients」Kobayashi 2003, MNRAS
RTN annual meeting, The Physics of the Intergalactic Mediumにて発表(9.10)「Feedback and Chemical Enrichment in GADGET」
8.10Schwangau Neuschwanstein 城に遠足。
7.6-8.6Australia &
GCD-V@Melbourne(7.10)「Chemodynamical Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies and the Origin of Metallicity Gradients」, IAU@Sydney(7.22)「Type Ia supernova progenitors and elemental abundance ratios」, のちCairnsと東京で休暇。
4.18-22Austria &
4.12Munich Japanese Food Party 開催。
3.23Salzburg Salzburg に遠足。
3.11Munich Cosmology Seminar にて発表。論文紹介。
3.4  第五筆頭著者論文投稿。
2.2Garmisch アルプススキー。
1.10-19東京 正月休みのかわり。
12.29Schwangau Neuschwanstein 城に遠足。
12.5Munich MPE X-ray group の Seminar にて発表。SNIaと楕円銀河両方。
11.29-30MunichUVES meetingにて発表(11.29)「Nucleosynthesis of Core-collapse Supernovae and Early Galactic Chemical Evolution」
10.21  集録「Type Ia Supernova Progenitors, Lifetime, and Cosmic Supernova Rate」in "From Twilight to Highlight: The Physics of Supernovae"
10.21  集録「Lifetime of Type Ia Supernovae and Chemical Evolution of Galaxies」in "Nuclei in the Cosmos VII"
10.17  集録「The Origin Of Elliptical Galaxies Inferred From Their Metallicity Gradients」in "The Evolution of Galaxies III. From Simple Approaches to Self-Consistent Models"
10.7-9宮崎 日本天文学会にて発表(10.8)。
RTN annual meeting, The Physics of the Intergalactic Mediumにて発表(9.16)「GRAPE-SPH Chemodynamical Simulation of Galaxies」
9.1-8アラスカ 友人の葬式のため。
8.16Munich 車を入手。
7.29-30MunichESO/MPA/MPE Workshop, From Twilight to Highlight: The Physics of Supernovaeにてポスター発表「Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae and Galactic and Cosmic Chemical Evolution」
The Evolution of Galaxies III. From Simple Approaches to Self-Consistent Models にてポスター発表「The Origin of Elliptical Galaxies inferred from Their Metallicity Gradients」
7.7-12富士吉田Nuclei in the Cosmos VII にてポスター発表「Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae and Chemical Evolution of Galaxies」
7.5-6東京 研究会 Numerical Simulations in Astronomy 2002。
Elba Workshop "EARLY COSMIC STRUCTURES AND THE END OF THE DARK AGES" にて発表(6.7) 「Formation and Chemodynamical Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies」
5.27Munich Institute Seminar にて発表「Formation and Chemodynamical Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies」
EARA Workshop on The Side-effects of Star Formation にて発表(5.6)「Chemodynamical Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies」
マックスプランク研究所 天体物理部門 (MPA) のポスドク研究員に就き、ドイツ、ミュンヘンに移住。
3.29  東京大学大学院理学系研究科天文学専攻博士課程 修了。
3.28-30水戸 日本天文学会にて発表(3.29)。
3.13-23アラスカ 六度目のアラスカに行き、オーロラを見る。これでしばしの別れ。
3.7本郷RESCEU seminar にてポスター発表「楕円銀河の形成と化学力学進化」
2.24-3.3ドイツMPAへ出張。Cosmology Seminar にて発表(2.26)「Formation and Chemodynamical Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies」
2.24  集録「Chemodynamical Evolution of Galaxies」 in "Studies of Galaxies in the Young Universe with New Generation Telescopes"
2.24  集録「Formation and Chemodynamical Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies: Monolithic Collapse and Major Merger」in "New Trends in Theoretical and Observational Cosmology"
2.8三鷹 天文台理論部ゼミにて発表。「楕円銀河の形成と化学力学進化」
1.30-2.1名古屋 マゼラン星雲大研究ワークショップにて発表(1.30)。「マゼラン雲の化学進化」
1.28本郷 博士論文「Formation and Chemodynamical Evolution of Galaxies(銀河の形成と化学力学進化)」審査会、合格。
12.21  博士論文「Formation and Chemodynamical Evolution of Galaxies(銀河の形成と化学力学進化)」提出。
12.17  集録「Chemodynamical Evolution of Galaxies」in "The Evolution of Galaxies II. Basic Building Block"
12.13-14三鷹 国立天文台天文学データ解析計算センター ユーザーズミーティングにて発表(12.13)。「楕円銀河の形成と化学力学進化」
12.11本郷 天文学教室談話会にて発表。「楕円銀河の形成と化学力学進化」
11.13-16本郷 The 5th RESCEU International Symposium: New Trends in Theoretical and Observational Cosmology にてポスター発表「Chemodynamical Evolution of Elliptical Galaxies」
11.3  集録「Chemodynamical Evolution of the Milky Way」in "IAU Symposium 208 Astrophysical Supercomputing using Particle Simulations"
10.16-21フランス The Evolution of Galaxies II. Basic Building Blocks にて発表(10.19)「Chemodynamical Evolution of Galaxies」
10.15  第四筆頭著者論文投稿。
10.4-6姫路 日本天文学会にて発表(10.4)。
9.5三鷹 有本研ゼミにて発表。銀河系の化学力学進化。
7.24-27仙台 Japan-German Seminar 2001, Studies of Galaxies in the Young Universe with New Generation Telescopes にて発表(7.24)「Chemodynamical Evolution of Galaxies」
7.10-13本郷 IAU Symposium 208: Astrophysical Supercomputing using Particle Simulations にてポスター発表「Chemodynamical Evolution of the Galaxy」
7.2本郷 コロキウムにて発表。Ia型超新星の話。
6.17-20沖縄 五度目の沖縄旅行で石垣島に行く。珊瑚礁の海に潜る。
5.23京都 研究会 GalaxyShop-2001-2: 矮小銀河。
3.20-30アラスカ 五度目のアラスカに行き、オーロラを見る。
3.17  集録「Chemodynamical Evolution of the Galaxy」in "元素の起源と初期宇宙・銀河の進化"研究会
3.5横浜 Japan/Germany workshop on clusters of galaxies。
2.10  集録「Cosmic Supernova Rate History and Type Ia Supernova Progenitors」in "Cosmic Evolution"
1.22-24四谷 "元素の起源と初期宇宙・銀河の進化"研究会にて発表(1.24)。
12.13-15三鷹 天文学データ解析計算センターユーザーズミーティング。
12.4-5三鷹 高精度アストロメトリ観測で拓く宇宙物理学。
11.13-17パリ International Conference, COSMIC EVOLUTION にて発表(11.17)。「Metallicity Effects on Type Ia Supernovae and Cosmic Supernova Rate History」
11.4初島 3, 4 本目を潜る。
10.16本郷 コロキウムにて発表。化学力学進化の話。
10.5-7伊勢崎 日本天文学会にて発表(10.5)。
9.23江の浦 1, 2 本目を潜る。
8.23八幡野 NAUIのスクーバダイビングのCカードを取得。
7.16-20沖縄 四度目の沖縄旅行で石垣島に行く。
6.6本郷 コロキウムにて発表。化学力学進化の話。
4.27-  銀河の化学力学進化計算を始める。
4.20駒場 東大教養 宇宙地球科学教室のセミナー にて発表。楕円銀河の話。
4.3-5本郷 日本天文学会。
3.12  第三筆頭著者論文(第六論文)受理。「The History of the Comic Supernova Rate Derived from the Evolution of the Host Galaxies」Kobayashi, Tsujimoto, & Nomoto 2000, ApJ, in press
3.2-15アラスカ アラスカに行き、四度目のオーロラを見る。
1.29  集録「Type Ia Supernovae: Progenitors and Evolution with Redshift」in Maryland Conference (Nomoto et al.)
1.20  集録「Gradients of Absorption Line Strengths in Elliptical Galaxies」in FMOS研究会
12.22  集録「Metallicity Effects on Type Ia Supernovae and Galactic and Cosmic Chemical Evolution」in Rome-Trieste Workshop
12.8-19  北区つかこうへい劇団 公演「二代目はクリスチャン」(パルコ劇場) をお手伝い。
12.17三鷹 FMOS研究会にて発表。「楕円銀河の金属量勾配」
12.16本郷 コロキウムにて発表。「金属量に依存したIa型超新星モデルの効用」
12.8-10三鷹 HDS Workshop にて発表(12.9)。「Tests for Type Ia Supernova Progenitors and Their Metallicity Effect」
11.30-  つかこうへい事務所HPより「こばやしちあきの稽古場日誌」を出す。
11.16-18本郷 RESCEU国際研究会。
11.1本郷 岡村研 観測的宇宙論ゼミ にて発表。楕円銀河 の話。
10.7-9博多 日本天文学会にて発表(10.7)。
9.19-24イタリア Rome-Trieste Workshop にて発表(9.24)。「Low metallicity inhibition of Type Ia SNe and Galactic and Cosmic chemical evolution」
8.30-31三鷹 Workshop on "Elliptical Galaxies in the Local Universe"で二度発表(8.30&31)。 金属量勾配の話と原理平面の話。
8.20-24ハワイ 友人二人とハワイ旅行でオアフ島へ行く。
8.19  第三論文投稿らしい。Totani & Kobayashi
8.9  第五論文投稿らしい。Tamura et al.
8.1  第三筆頭著者論文(第六論文)投稿。KTN
7.28  集録「Type Ia Supernova Progenitors, Environmental Effects, and Cosmic Supernova Rates」in ``Type Ia Supernovae: Theory and Cosmology''(Nomoto et al.)
7.15-19沖縄 三度目の沖縄旅行で石垣島に行く。
7.9三鷹 有本研 Prickly Seminar にて発表。楕円銀河の話。
7.8本郷 野本研 Galaxy Seminar にて発表。楕円銀河の話。
7.6  第二筆頭著者論文(第四論文)受理。「Gradients of Absorption Line Strengths in Elliptical Galaxies」Kobayashi & Arimoto 1999, ApJ, in press
6.25高田馬場 早大 前田研のセミナーにて発表。SNIa の話。
6.14-17京都 京大 宇物へ出張。ついでにセミナー発表(6.14)。SNIa の話。
6.7  集録「Cosmic Supernova Rates in Cluster vs. Field Galaxies」 in ASCA Symposium
6.3本郷 東大物理 宇宙理論グループセミナー にて発表。SNIa の話。
5.28三鷹 有本研 Prickly Seminar にて発表。SNIa の話。
5.24本郷 岡村研 観測的宇宙論ゼミ にて発表。SNIa の話。
4.30  第二論文投稿らしい。Umeda et al.
4.28  集録「Metallicity Effects on Type Ia Supernovae and Chemical Evolution in the Magellanic Clouds」 in マゼラン雲研究会
4.15本郷 野本研 Galaxy Seminar にて発表。化学進化について。
4  東京大学大学院理学系研究科天文学専攻博士課程 入学。
3  東京大学大学院理学系研究科天文学専攻修士課程 卒業。
3.25-27京都 日本天文学会にて発表(3.25)。
3.17-19南大沢 ASCA Symposiumにてポスター発表。「Metallicity Effects on Type Ia Supernovae and Galactic and Cosmic Chemical Evolution」
2.26-3.6アラスカ 友人とアラスカに行き、三度目のオーロラを見る。
2.25  集録「Metallicity Effects on Type Ia Supernovae and Cosmic Supernova Rates in Cluster vs. Field Galaxies」 in Memorie della Societa Astronmica Italiana
2.22-24三鷹 マゼラン雲研究会にてポスター発表。
2.17  集録「Galactic and Cosmic Supernova Rates and Metallicity Effects on Type Ia Supernovae」in HDS Workshop
2.16  集録「Galactic and Cosmic Supernova Rates and Metallicity Effects on Type Ia Supernovae」in "恒星系の力学進化と恒星進化"研究会
2.15-16本郷 修士論文発表会にて発表(2.15)。 「Low-Metallicity Inhibition of Type Ia Supernovae and Galactic and Cosmic Chemical Evolution」
2.10  修士論文提出 「Low-Metallicity Inhibition of Type Ia Supernovae and Galactic and Cosmic Chemical Evolution」
1.29-30駒場 "恒星系の力学進化と恒星進化"研究会にて発表(1.30)。
1.27-28三鷹 HDS研究会にて発表(1.27)。
1.21  集録「Supernova Nucleosynthesis, Chemical Evolution, and Cosmic Supernova Rate」in Galaxy evolution : Connecting the distant Universe with the local fossil record (Nomoto et al.)
10.29  イタリア大使館なんちゃらイベントでJ. Danzigerの通訳を行う。
10.27  集録「Galactic and Cosmic Supernova Rates and Metallicity Effects on Type Ia Supernovae」in Nuclei in the Cosmos V
10.11-14ハワイ HDS Workshop にて初海外発表(10.12)。 「[O/Fe] around [Fe/H]=-1 as a Critical Test for the Metallicity Effect on Type Ia Supernovae」
10.1-3山形 日本天文学会にて発表(10.1)。
9.17-18南大沢 研究会 銀河団の物理。
8.20  初論文 Astrophysical Journal Letters に掲載。
7.31-8.3沖縄 二度目の沖縄旅行で宮古島に行く。
7.23本郷 野本研 Galaxy Seminar にて発表。cosmic SFR について。
7.6本郷 教室コロキウムにて発表。
6.23  初論文受理。「Low-Metallicity Inhibition of Type Ia Supernovae and Galactic and Cosmic Chemical Evolution」Kobayashi, Tsujimoto, Nomoto, Hachisu, & Kato 1998, ApJL, in press
5.27  第二筆頭著者論文(第四論文)投稿。Kobayashi & Arimoto
5.26  初論文投稿。Kobayashi et al.
4.23本郷 野本研 Galaxy Seminar にて発表。化学進化について。
4.2  初英語集録「Global Supernova Rate History」in Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies 97
3.16-18南大沢 日本天文学会にて発表(3.17)。
3.10-13代々木 数値計算天文学の国際会議 NAP98。
2.25三鷹 三鷹コロキウムにて発表。初・発表遅刻……。
2.16  集録「楕円銀河の進化と宇宙の大局的星形成及び超新星頻度史」in 理論懇シンポジウム
2.4-5本郷 宇宙電波懇談会シンポジウム。
1.2-1.4  劇団後藤田探偵事務所「スクエアモノローグ」出演。
12.24-12.26三鷹 理論天文学懇談会シンポジウムにてポスター発表。
12.9浅野 教室コロキウムにて発表。
11.25-27三鷹 天文学データ解析計算センターユーザーズミーティング。
11.5-11.7熱海 国際会議 OMEG97 にて初英語発表(11.6)。緊張したけど楽しかった。
「Supernovae Rate History in Elliptical Galaxies」
11  卒業論文提出。やっと卒業研究が終わった〜。
9.29-10.1宇都宮 日本天文学会にて発表(9.30)。
9.16浅野 教室コロキウムにて発表。
8.31  劇団後藤田探偵事務所入団。来年1月公演予定。
8.17-8.30京都 国際天文学会。かたことの英語と度胸一発で有名人とおはなし。
7.26-7.29沖縄 友人二人と初の沖縄旅行に行く。
7.21-7.23千葉 家族海旅行、千葉県富浦。
7.18三鷹 三鷹コロキウムにて発表。
7.5  銀河の化学進化コード完成。
6-  銀河の化学進化計算を始める。
4  東京大学大学院理学系研究科天文学専攻修士課程 入学。野本研究室入室。
3  東京大学理学部天文学科 卒業。
3.8-3.20アラスカ 二度目の海外旅行かつ初の単独海外旅行でアラスカに行き、オーロラを見る。
3.7浅野 卒業研究発表会。しかしまだ卒業論文は書けていない……。
2.27-3.1京都 基研研究会にて初発表(2.28)。ものすごく緊張した。
7.25-27千葉 家族海旅行、千葉県富浦。
6-  卒業研究「楕円銀河の吸収線強度勾配」を始める。
3.15-3.21アラスカ 初海外旅行でアラスカに行き、オーロラを見る。
12野辺山 実習で野辺山電波観測所へ行く。
10木曾 実習で木曾観測所へ行く。
6.28  ホームページ開設。
4  東京大学理学部天文学科 進学。

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