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I left Earth three times. I found no place else to go. Please take care of Spaceship Earth - Walter Schirra

NEWS: MUSE Science Verification time awarded for observations of M87 and NGC7742

Hi, this web page is permanently under construction...

At the moment you can see my publications list and have a look at some of the collaborations I am involved in.

In particular, I am a proud member of the SAURON team, in which I have been leading the analysis of the emission-line properties of 48 early-type galaxies probed through more than 34.000 individual spectra.

I am also working at completing the demography of supermassive black holes with adaptive optics observations, in order to finish what I started through the modelling of the ionised-gas kinematics observed with the Hubble Space Telescope, in the framework of the SUNNS collaboration.

If arrived here while looking form my GANDALF (Gas AND Absorption Line Fitting) code, just you send me a little e-mail and I'll send you a link for downloading it. I ask you this only in order to keep you updated of upcoming versions of the code and warn you of any bug I come across.

Finally, here are my whereabouts.

Marc Sarzi, STFC Advanced Fellow