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Centre for Astrophysics Research (CAR) Seminar Series

Our seminars are held every Wednesday at 3pm (UK)

Most seminars will be streamed via Zoom. Please e-mail the seminar organisers for the link if you would like to attend remotely. Recordings of past seminars may also be available on the University of Hertfordshire YouTube channel.

Next Talk (19 June 2024)

Prof Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (Université de Montréal)

Black Hole Feedback in Clusters of Galaxies

Clusters of galaxies are fantastic laboratories for exploring the physics of black hole feedback, illustrating how AGN-driven jets can deliver substantial energy to their surroundings via shock fronts, sound waves, and turbulence. These jets can also drive powerful molecular outflows and expel metals from galaxies. In this talk, I will review the current state of the field, focusing on how these powerful AGN-driven jets influence the properties of galaxy clusters over cosmic time. Additionally, I will present new observations of the giant multiphase nebula within the Perseus galaxy cluster and share insights into the pivotal role machine learning can—and will—play in advancing our understanding of galaxy clusters.

3pm in E351

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The seminar organisers for 2023-2024 are Dr Michael Kuhn (m.kuhn (at) herts.ac.uk) and Dr Robert Yates (r.yates3 (at) herts.ac.uk).