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Centre for Astrophysics Research (CAR) Seminar Series

Our seminars are held every Wednesday at 3pm (UK)

Most seminars will be streamed via Zoom. Please e-mail the seminar organisers for the link if you would like to attend remotely. Recordings of past seminars may also be available on the University of Hertfordshire YouTube channel.

Next Talk (21 February 2024)

Prof Paul Crowther (University of Sheffield)

Very Massive Stars in the Local Universe

I will summarise evidence for and against the existence of very massive stars (> 100 M_sun, VMS) in the Local Universe. Such stars will dominate the spectral appearance of young massive star clusters and their radiative and mechanical feedback due to their high luminoisities and proximity to the Eddington limit. VMS are potential progenitors for exotic explosion (pair-instability SNe) and LIGO black hole binaries. The strongest evidence for such stars locally is in R136, the central cluster of the Tarantula Nebula, for which new optical and X-ray observations will be presented revealing a mix of single and binary VMS.

3pm in C214

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The seminar organisers for 2023-2024 are Dr Michael Kuhn (m.kuhn (at) herts.ac.uk) and Dr Robert Yates (r.yates3 (at) herts.ac.uk).